Review – Champagne Afternoon tea at Hotel Du Vin

Review – Champagne Afternoon tea at Hotel Du Vin

Over the weekend we went for afternoon tea at Hotel Du Vin, tucked away in the Old town of Edinburgh.

The hotel is a minutes walk from the National Museum and the famous Greyfriers Kirk where we got married.  To me, this neck of the woods is the spot to discover Edinburgh’s great culture and urban vibe.


Greyfriars Kirk, Edinburgh

If the sun happens to be out, it is a serious bonus. Our family just love a good al fresco dining area.

We decided to be brave and take the kids with us on this occasion.  It could be a complete disaster but I LOVE how excited they get.  An afternoon tea is the perfect treat for all ages.  As I packed up crayons and paper, I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best. The sun was beating down and I had high hopes we would get a table in the central courtyard.  It is one stylish suntrap.


The courtyard at Hotel Du Vin

The (real) champagne was ice cold and delicious.  There was also a great selection of exotic tea to chose from.  The hubs and I have grown to love a decent cup of tea, I think it’s a clear sign we are in our mid 30’s.


Tea selection at Hotel Du Vin


Hubs enjoying the rays at Hotel Du Vin

The atmosphere was extremely relaxed, the tunes were great and with the sun blazing down we were more than happy.


Champagne in the suntrap at Hotel Du Vin

What about the kids I hear you say?  Taking a 2 year old and a 4 year old out is always a gamble.  They were extremely excited by their surroundings.  They both ordered an apple juice, which to their delight was freshly squeezed (none of that from concentrate nonsense) and delicious.  That kept them happy for a good 10 minutes.


Enjoying an apple juice in the sun at Hotel Du Vin

We then spent a further 10 minutes applying sun cream.  I even got a free massage out of it as I sipped champers.  Not a bad way to spend a Sunday afternoon.


Champagne and massage

Of course, after we had ordered food and the kids had drawn some pictures, they were simply desperate to explore.  The great thing about the courtyard is that there are lots of nooks and crannies. The stylish cigar bothy is lovely feature.  As it was quiet, with it being early afternoon, the kids were delighted to have a quick chill out.  Thankfully the ashtrays were empty, good work team.

Cigar Bothy Hotel Du Vin

Cigar Bothy Hotel Du Vin

Cigar Bothy Hotel Du Vin

Cigar Bothy Hotel Du Vin


The kids menu offered a nice selection.  The portions were huge!


Kids Menu at Hotel Du Vin


Charlie’s starter – the boy loves fruit

Charlie loves his fruit and Bonnie is obsessed with prawns, so it was a no brainer what to order them to kick off.


King prawn starter

The prawns were huge so Hubs and I enjoyed a few too.


Afternoon tea at Hotel Du Vin

The afternoon tea came in stages which gave us more time to chill out in the sun.


Champagne afternoon tea at Hotel Du Vin

The kids were absolutely delighted when they saw the cake tray arrive.  It definitely made it worth making the effort to take them.  Bonnie has always wanted to try candy floss so this was her moment.  It did not disappoint.  A highlight for me was the homemade chocolate teacake and the gin and tonic mousse.  Booze and sunshine go together like tea and toast dahhhling!


Candy floss afternoon tea


The perfect suntrap at Hotel Di Vin

The kids lasted an entire 1 hour and 45 minutes which we were delighted with.  We all had a blast and the chilled vibes at the hotel and excellent service made the experience one to remember.

We finished off the afternoon with a walk around Greyfriars Kirk which brought back some magical memories.



Greyfriers Church

All in all, a top afternoon.  Oh and for the clean eating lovers – I still lost weight this week despite a champagne afternoon tea, a night out AND a fish supper.  I am currently doing weekly body scans with my PT on the run of to the Edinburgh Marathon Festival as I have been struggling with my hydration levels.  I am down fat, down body weight, up muscle and UP ON HYDRATION WHOOOP.  It’s all from drinking more water.  Check out this article about why you should drink more water and still treat yourself to champagne afternoon tea.




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