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Why you need to drink more water RIGHT NOW

Why you need to drink more water RIGHT NOW

Dehydration affects cognition, concentration and the general ability to think clearly and control mood.  In fact, being even mildly dehydrated has been proven to cause anger, mood swings and fatigue.

My PT, Graeme Starkey, recently performed a body scan on me at David Lloyd which reveals my body is crying out for more water.  We have been keeping tabs on it for the past few weeks and whilst it has improved slightly, it is taking time.  The damage has well and truly been done.


The problem is that I often forget.  Some days I am great and then I get back into old habits because we all know that old habits die hard.  I performed a willpower test this week which states I have medium willpower.  I guess it’s better than low.  I think if I am determined enough then smashing the goals is so much easier.  I have now realised the full power of water.  I get it.  It’s kind of ironic as I am a total water baby.  Being in the water is one of my all time favourite places to be.


Water baby

One thing I have been able to turn into a lifestyle habit this year through willpower is exercise and the benefits have been amazing.  Now I need to nail those hydration levels. If I can crack this into a lifestyle habit, the way I have with exercise, the benefits will mean:

Better brain power and mood.  No justification needed.

Less leg cramping – I struggle with this and ouch it can hurt SO bad.

Better running and overall fitness – when muscle cells don’t have adequate fluids, they don’t work as well and performance can suffer.  There is nothing like smashing up that fitness and seeing improved stamina.  I’m hooked on that feeling.

Increased energy.  With two young kids and a constant battle to find the perfect work/life balance – energy is essential.

Less headaches – I am prone to getting headaches after my most intense interval training sessions.  Not good, esp with young kids screaming my name all day.

A faster metabolism which shall speed up weight loss further.  Less weight for me = less to carry on the long distance runs and less pressure on my joints.  Ok – and I do have my eye on a super sexy backless dress.

Parent anxiety

Mummy Jojo in New Zealand – love a back shot

My body is holding onto extra water.  If the body is dehydrated, metabolism will slow down significantly.  Dehydration lowers blood volume and makes the delivery of oxygen to the cells more difficult. This will slow the rate of fat-burning, removal of toxins from the cells and the ability to supply nutrients for key energy producing cycles within the cells and muscles of the body.

Now that I have got into the habit of doing the scans weekly, I am super keen to keep tabs on my levels of hydration.  My plan to sort this out:


A funky water bottle.  This puppy will be my new best friend.

Ensuring I pick up fresh fruit and herbs to jazz it up for the days I feel like a change.  I like pink grapefruit, orange peel, basil, lemon, limes and cucumbers.  My PT has advised I go easy on the citrus though as too much isn’t great for our stomach.  Lots of ice always does the job for me too.


Always asking for a glass of water everywhere I go.  Drinking one before I have a coffee.

Good luck if you are in need of a water boost too.  If you would like to try the body scan at David Lloyd and are Edinburgh based – quote Mummy Jojo for a free guest pass. Enjoy.




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