Kids disappearing act = panic attack

Kids disappearing act = panic attack

It’s Mental Health awareness week and today I want to talk about an exciting new, award winning product that helps me cope with parent anxiety.  The kind of cables I rely on these days have changed a lot.  I have taken part in 3 bungee jumps but this image still puts butterflies in my stomach.


Extreme sports 2007

This one takes it to a whole new level. The Nevis was intense.  I put my faith in a cable to save my life – 7 seconds of free fall.  It was some rush but let’s just say I needed a stiff drink after it.


Let me give you the down low in terms of the latest cable on the market that saves other precious lives.

The first time my stomach churned with anguish and panic as a parent was when our little Bonnie decided to play hide and seek in Marks & Spencer’s.  I vowed never to take her shopping again.  Yeah right.  Images of horror stories in the press flashed in my mind.  Then there she was, hiding behind the pyjama rail.  It’s those Percy Pig cartons, they are full of sugar and they send her wild.  The marketing team nailed it though because all kids want one.  I’ll do anything for a peaceful coffee.  I enjoy the moment and then keep my fingers crossed for 30 minutes later when the buzz fully kicks in.  Ooops I should have made mine a double shot to keep things equal.

percy pig juice carton.jpg

Sugar high

There have been many other moments, often when my kids are in fact right behind me but sometimes we forget how small they are don’t we?  We turn round suddenly and send the poor little things flying.

Our little cheeky Charlie is super inquisitive, he loves an adventure.  My friend Lucy Bostock, founder of More-2-Explore, also has a cheeky Charlie.  One day, on a family outing to Legoland – he vanished.  The 10 minutes they were apart were the longest of her life and she felt a deep rooted passion to ensure this never ever happened again. Lucy designed the Adventure Belt to keep children connected to parents when out shopping, near roads, out in open spaces or attending large busy events.  I call it my ‘calming cable’.


My Bonnie and Charlie modelling the belts

What I love about this product is that it has always been one of putting kids first; ensuring their safety whilst maintaining a sense of independence and encouraging adventure.


My calm cable – the adventure belt

My kids are all about adventure these days and I adore listening to their little conversations.  They have inherited my vivid imagination and take themselves to all sorts of magical places.  This kind of ‘old school’ play is so important for kids.  They need time to use their imagination without being constantly stimulated.  The research shows that if we over stimulate them as kids then they are more likely to have mental health issues when they are older.  Discontentment also comes to mind.

I put the fact I am a 3rd child down to my ability to be what friends often say ”easily pleased”.  I was huge on creative play at home and very happy to play alone with the toys I had.

Scottish blogger

Adventure belt

The first thing my kids noticed were the little pouches to put ‘treasure in’ or perhaps money or treats.  They drive a hard bargain and are tops at negotiation. A packet of chocolate buttons often comes up.


Adventure belt fun


Charlie’s adventure belt

With kids we have to play the game.  Simply throwing on a ‘dog lead’ type of devise would only drive my kids into tantrum meltdown.  The adventure belt allows me to play the game very well.  We set off with their special treasure.  Then when we get to a busy road or crowded place I can manage my panic attacks with a simple clip.


Busy roads with a 2 year old give me a panic attack

I had to laugh last week when we were out for  brunch.  Charlie, on this occasion, had selected a toy egg to bring in his pouch.  I think Mimi’s Bakehouse thought I was being tight and trying to smuggle food in.  Definitely not I, my frugal husband on the other hand – questionable.


Adventure belt fake egg toy


Adventure belt treasure

This product keeps all of us happy. I see it as a fair compromise.  It is comfortable to use and a must have for venturing off into crowded areas.  Percy pig, you will not beat me. My little people can happily play Hide and Seek in Marks & Spencers these days as the cable allows them just enough space.


Adventure Belt

I recently tried running with Bonnie on her super speedy scooter.  We had great fun and, with a half marathon looming, it was top internal training.

The adventure belts, which cost between £19.99 and £21.99, come in a range of colours and designs and includes animal-shaped varieties. It can be pre-ordered from More-2-Explore.  Check it out peeps, keep the panic attacks at bay.



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  1. May 10, 2017 / 11:40 pm

    My mom says I hid in some department store clothing racks when I was 2 or 3, and I was missing so long that the staff planned to call the police. It was then that I popped out and yelled “surprise!” Needless to say, I was kept on a child leash from then on.
    I don’t want to do that to my daughter, but I can tell she’ll be a wanderer. This is just the type of product I was hoping to find!

    • May 10, 2017 / 11:42 pm

      Awe fantastic – yes very scary for your Mom xx

  2. May 12, 2017 / 1:08 pm

    This article is very useful to parents. Many can indeed relate with it and many can learn from you.

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