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My top 20 reasons to Run

My top 20 reasons to Run

I’ve been a runner for a good few years now and there has been no turning back.  I keep booking up events to keep my ass in gear otherwise it would be pretty easy to stop.  It’s crazy – I know I will never regret a run but getting off the sofa and out the door can be harder than Anthony Joshua’s pecks.  Running and fitness in general is now firmly part of my life.  Considering giving it a bash but need a wee push in the right direction?

Check  out my top 20 reasons to run.

1 – Running gives you a bit of peace and quiet which is ESSENTIAL with young kids.  Also essential if you have a demanding partner or family member.

2 – Running is most definitely one of the most challenging workouts in terms of mental and physical strength.  It has great results in terms of fitness and weight loss. The buzz you get once you make progress is amazing.

3 – Your feet are moving but often your mind will find a place of calm.  I get some of my best ideas and thoughts when I run.

4 – It can be a nice time to zone out with some music and forget the pressures of the world.


5 – Even though there are days I still struggle to get motivated to go for a run, I never regret it.  The feeling of accomplishment I get at the end is priceless.

6 – It makes running for a bus so much less stressful.

7 – It gives you proper strong, sexy legs.


Strong legs

8 – It’s free and allows you the opportunity to take in some great scenery or do a bit of ‘I want that house’ stalking.

9 – You can eat carbs and cake – totally guilt free.

DSC_0010_web (2)

My perfect Mother’s Day cake by Jessie’s Magic Oven

10 – Every hour of running statistically gives you an extra 7 hours of life.

11 – Less trips to the Doctors are needed – although there is a VERY hot new Dr at my surgery – that could be a disadvantage!

12 – Running improves your stamina – think flexibility, strength and confidence.  Sex life gets well jazzed up.

13 – It helps to boost memory and with my baby brain – that is essential.

14 – It gives you a boost of energy – have a coffee at the end and it will be one huge party! Note: caffeine is best before intense exercise as after it your body needs good food and water to recover, not stimulants right away.

15 – Going for a run helps us to find our perspective when we feel like losing our rag.  It’s the perfect mind spa.


16 – Champagne always tastes best after you get a running medal.

17 – Cheeseboards are also guilt free


Cheese love – run for cheese


18 – It shows your kids the value of hard work.  Train, get out there and be proud of what running allows you to achieve.




19 – You make great friends and training runs are lovely with good chat.



20 – Runners need regular massages to prevent injury – enough said.

Do you need any more excuse to give it a shot?  In the words of Nike – JUST DO IT.






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