Somewhere Over the Rainbow – see ya sexist king

I have read Rumpelstiltskin to my kids a fair amount of times this year.  It’s fun, I loved it as a child too but now it annoys me a bit.  The king takes her as a prisoner, forces her to make gold and the girl STILL marries him.  Cool – so I am telling my daughter it is ok to marry a man who treats her like dirt, as long as he is minted. Nice. Rumpelstiltskin is a knob too isn’t he?  Not the best role models.

Topsy and Tim


Even Topsy and Tim annoyed me last week (hate to be mad at them because they allow me time to do stuff). Perfect Mum and wife takes the kids swimming whilst Daddy chills in the snack bar?  Not cool and to be honest, if that was going to happen it would be me who chills with the coffee.  I don’t want my kids thinking that’s weird.  I want them to be like:

“Mummy, go put your feet up babe.  Daddy has got this shift covered”.  

It’s the changing room faff with two young kids. Do you remember the story about when I forgot my costume and took wet t shirt comp to the next level with a white towel? It gets so hot in those family changing rooms. Usually caused by a missing sock, meanwhile as I search for it, the other sock gets soaking wet.  Then the shivery bites run out.  Get me a cappuccino or even better a coconut margarita.

My kids would be happy reading about poo all day if I let them.

I love a book with a good strong female character, so when this beautiful, timeless, Wizard of Oz 15 book collection arrived from Sweet Cherry Publishing, I was excited.

Firstly, the set is the kind that makes kids go WOW when they open it.  Parents and carers too for that matter.  The books have lovely bright covers and I love the case they come in, with the rainbow on the back.  I could instantly tell that these books would be firm family favourites, that will hopefully be passed down the generations.

Dorothy is a strong character isn’t she?  I like that.  In fact – Dorothy was the first feminist role model.  It’s just nice to be able to read the kids something fun without thinking in my head “the poor girl”.  They are magical stories filled with adventure.

I tested them out over the weekend on my nephew, Finlay, who is 6 years old.  His reaction was amazing and I loved seeing him read them himself.  It is crazy how quickly kids come on when they start school.  I think Bonnie, currently 4, is a good year away from starting to really appreciate the content inside.  For now, she treasures them for the images and likes to hear small parts of the stories.  With Finlay, I could have easily sat him down and read a few chapters.  He was mesmerised and, despite there being so many books in the set, he knows of all of the characters.  He was especially excited by the Frog in The Lost Princess of Oz and The Royal Book of Oz.


The family have some exciting Journeys through the magical world of Oz with Dorothy and friends to look forward to over the years. Thanks Sweet Cherry publishing and of course L. Frank Baum. These really are children’s classics at their best.  Which character do you remember from childhood? Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Cowardly Lion or the Tin Woodman?

The collection follows their adventures through the Four Countries of the Land of Oz and the glorious Emerald City. Featuring all 14 books in Baum’s original work, and The Royal Book of Oz by Ruth Plumly Thompson, children can let their imaginations run wild with the strange and magical creatures of Oz.  This book set definitely gets the thumbs up from me.  Find it here.




  1. Jojo, what a great review, I am a new self publishing author of kids books about 3 special robins, from eggs laid to hatch and leave the nest then meeting family and friends on the was. If you forward an address I can send you book 1 for your appraisal.

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