Style – who do you dress for?

Style – who do you dress for?

The kids caught chicken pox this month which means we have had plenty of time around the house.  It’s been a serious snuggle fest with hardcore cream application sessions and biocarbonate of soda baths.  I also spent a bit of time clearing out my wardrobe.  I figure it makes sense to embrace the times and go capsule.  I am sick of having a wardrobe full of clothing I don’t wear.


Style Tribes by Caroline Young


I have been reading a fab book by Caroline Young which talks about Style Tribes and the fashion of subcultures.  To quote Coco Chanel:

‘Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only.  Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.’


Image by Creative Sides Photography


We all have our own style.  My maiden name is Wintour so I like to think I have good taste but to be honest I wear clothing that makes me feel great.  It really is none of my business what people think.  I have got it wrong over the years but it felt good at the time.

Style tribes

Style tribes

The book gets into the nitty gritty and history of fashion – from flapper to MOD, New Romantic to Acid House and Britpop.  There are some stunning images which have taken me back in time.  I have been in a cab back to magical eras. Back to other times where a movement inspired a new type of tribe.


Style Tribes


I am a big fan of the surfer tribe and slightly jealous I wasn’t around then.  The surfer lifestyle in the 1960s involved a community that partied hard and spent their time on the beach.  What’s not to love?  Caroline paints the pictures so well.  The surfer subculture didn’t care about consumerism.  They were all about living a spiritual existence.  Riding the waves and each other.


Style Tribes


Speaking about not caring about consumerism – over the weekend, as I was getting dressed to head to the zoo, my hubs started taking the piss out of me.  He has dubbed me as an “activewear wanker”.


I was like “hello, we are off to the zoo, it’s not like we are taking the kids to Gleneagles for afternoon tea!” (drool fest).  He continued to have a right laugh about this as we walked around the zoo. He also called me a coffee addict – the guy has no clue because he hates the stuff.  I drink 2 coffee’s max a day but I cherish them.  I digress.


Activewear and coffee

I used to get a bit more glammed up but the vast majority of my clothing these days is activewear.  I don’t get out all that much.  A sunday session has a whole new meaning and mostly takes place in the form of an outdoor run or gym session followed by time in the David Lloyd outdoor pool.


Outdoor pool fun at David Lloyd


We are entering a surfer style decade that is focused on wellness and our minds.  I am a lifestyle and wellness blogger and exercise is one of the most underused natural anti depressants so go figure.  Activewear is my new best friend.  I’ll take the slagging match, to be honest I think he secretly loves it.

I wear activewear for me  because it is practical but I try and keep it a bit different.  There is some fab activewear on the market at the moment.  Activewear can be sexy.

Caroline has got me thinking about the other choices we make.  My hubs and I always disagree about shoes.  He still refuses to buy a pair of trainers.  I think men are so hot in trainers – esp the boot variety.

My husband is head strong and insists on walking around everywhere in a pair of tan shoes.  Then I have to listen to him complain about sore feet.  Now I like tan shoes but I just wish he would mix it up a bit.  The day he comes home in a pair of funky trainers I will jump his bones.

My favourite non activewear footware by a country mile has to be my Zadic and Voltaire boots.  It genuinely was love at first sight.  They had to be mine.  I look at them and feel happy.  I wear them for me.  In my opinion they are comfortable and stylish and they are part of who I am.  It may take me years to find a pair of boots to top these ones.


Zadic and Voltaire boots


When it comes to dressing up for a night out – I think that’s a different story. I dress to look like a sexy minx. We all want to feel sexy and why not?  My go to outfit would be a pair of shorts, heels and a top or a nice dress.  There are so many dresses I would love to wear but as a typical women I struggle with confidence.  I am hoping that over the next year, as I get stronger and fitter, I will be able to strut my stuff in some outfits I genuinely love.

Below is my ideal corporate dress vs the type of sexy party dress I would love to twirk in.

Often we dress to look good in front of people but I think we need to be true to our tribe.  Be true to what makes you the way you are.  Wear clothes you love – not because they are on trend.  There is nothing wrong with dressing to feel sexy but at the same time don’t wear the high heels that really hurt your feet or the tan shoes (hint hint).  Style tribe aside – the sexiest thing you can wear is a smile.













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