Capturing life with passion

Capturing life with passion

I love capturing life on video.  It is magical having memories to look back on.  I was adamant that we would be getting our wedding day filmed and I am so glad we did.  For one, when my Dad got sick a few years later,  I was so grateful to have his heartfelt Father of the bride speech to watch.  When I really missed him I would put it on, often shedding a few tears.

I love photos and I love videos.  As a parent I often get sad thinking how my kids would cope if something happened to me and I wasn’t around.  Knowing that they have videos to watch makes me feel a bit better.

As a blogger, I have embraced vlogging and shared some of my videos with you.  Last year I shared the video of my marathon day. The content was good but the quality was pretty poor.  Ok the quality was shocking.  I really wish I knew then what I know now.

Improving my vlogging for both my personal life and my work has been a goal of mine for a while.  I contacted my friend Donal, founder of award winning training at Engage Live for some advice last week.  Turns out it was great timing as he has a fun and detailed vlogging training course coming out in the next week or so.  So when he invited me to review it I jumped at the chance.


Donal in action at one of his many training courses


I had so many questions that needed answered.  From editing, to music, using imovies and technqiues to create videos that I am proud of.  I want my kids to have beautiful videos that move them.  As for my work, I want my vlogs to leave an impact.  I want people to enjoy the free content I am putting out there and I want people to connect with the messages.

The great thing about the course is that I was able to do it around the kids.  I could log in and out at my own convenience.  I could enjoy a nice glass of red wine as I sat learning and laughing at Donals top banter.  That certainly beat Friday night tv for me.   It was great seeing him in action and his many training videos took me back to the good old University days when we studied and partied even harder together.


Donal and I 12 years ago


Vlogging is going to be huge, it already is but it’s just going to grow and get bigger and better.  Being on the camera can make us all cringe a little.  It’s like anything though – the more we do it, the better we will get. It’s great to smash those comfort zones.

The course kicks off with a stunning and super slick vlog that Donal filmed in Paris.  I love his passion for the city and I love his passion for romance and love.  Donal was also my wedding photographer and he was always going to be the best man for the job.


I love this shot Donal captured before I walked down the aisle



These days he earns up to 10K for a wedding shoot and I can see why.


Donal busy at work


I was instantly hooked after watching his stunning clip in the city of love.  I wanted in on the action – how can I start making videos like that? How can I produce a jaw dropping vlog?

The course covers content strategy, to gear,  technique, clips to watch for inspiration, music, audio, iMovie’s and so much more. Donal has taken me on one exciting vlogging journey.  I am buzzing to get stuck in.  The course caters for those that want to vlog from their smartphone to those professional or amateur photographers that have DSLR equipment.

I have a pile of notes and I am so excited to go out and start producing beautiful vlogs that my family and I can be proud of.  This fun and detailed course is now on sale for £129 book now.  A total bargain in my opinion given all of the material and topics that Donal covers passionately.  Who would I recommend this course to?

Bloggers who have a message to share and want to do it in a beautiful way.

Any business that wants to grow brand awareness and connect with their customers.  I would say that having video content on your website is essential.  This is something I started doing recently on my own website and I can’t wait to put an even better clip out there soon.

Professional and amateur photographers who have amazing equipment and want to use it for video to the best of their ability.

Parents who want to capture these magical (and challenging) years.  The days are long but the years are short.  I really want to start producing some stunning content with clips I have of the kids.  Seeing their bond develop from the first day they met to where they are now has been mind blowing.

People who love to travel and explore. I am keen to start capturing family holidays on film, wish I did this sooner as they are always magical. It’s amazing and kind of beautiful how things change over the years too as the kids develop. This vlog Donal made on holiday is really fun. 

Musicians who want to share their talent and message in a creative way.

If you are into fitness or have a hobby you love – vlogs can be a magical way of capturing a special running event like a marathon.  From the long gruelling training runs to the build up and buzz of the day itself.

Foodies – to capture amazing moments eating out, cooking in, shopping and coming up with new recipes.

In fact – anyone that wants to capture life with passion.

So thanks Donal.  No more dodgy quality vlog shares from me.  Onwards and upwards.

Check out Donal’s free webinar training here.  Go out and create something magical.  We are all a lot more creative than we think.










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