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Clean eating – ribeye beef and black bean

Clean eating – ribeye beef and black bean

I love a bit steak over the weekend.  Ribeye is my current favourite cut of beef.  I love it cooked medium rare with a good homemade peppercorn sauce but I also love it cooked in Asian flavours too.

I picked up some fresh black beans from the Thai supermarket a few weeks ago.  They are great to jazz up stir fries and they keep well in the fridge for weeks.  I love doing a chicken and vegetable stir fry with them.  I find with the right flavour combinations, a healthy lifestyle is so much easier.  It takes planning though or I fail big style.  I need to get that Sunday shop sorted out so I am kitted out for the week.  If I don’t then it’s all too easy to stick a pizza in the oven when the kids are screaming at my feet.


Happy, healthy foodie



Last night the hubs was on cooking duty and this dish was so good.  So I am sharing it with you.

Ribeye beef and black bean

400 g of ribeye steak – sliced

Marinate the strips of beef in a bowl with

2 tbsp of rice wine

2stp of sugar

3 tbsp of soy sauce

2 gloves of chopped garlic

Leave marinating for a minimum of 1 hour (you can leave overnight if you are prepared).

In the meantime chop up vegetables of your choice.  We used (what we had in the fridge) green peppers, onions, fresh chilli.

Get some stir fry oil and cook the beef in the wok in  batches to your liking.  Set aside.


Beef and black bean


Stir fry the vegetables and the black beans for a couple of minutes until they start to soften.  Toss the meat back in to heat through.  If you are eating clean this dish would be super tasty alone, perhaps topped with fresh herbs and some peanuts or some steamed fragrant rice.

As it was the weekend we had it with homemade egg fried rice.  We topped it off with some cucumber slices and fresh tarragon.


Beef and black bean



Get the ingredients on your shopping list and send me some pics.



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