Stop blaming facebook

Stop blaming facebook

In the UK we thrive on having something to moan about – do you know they are launching a dating app which matches people best by what they hate? A pretty good idea I think – nice one Brendan Alper.  It’s called Hater, check it out because moaning unites us.  On that note: here is my rant for the week:

Why are we shaming Facebook and blaming it on peoples poor mental health?!

My husband shared an article slating Facebook earlier this week. He might need a new dating app soon if he’s not careful.  Facebook for me has been a God send.  It has stored my old photos safely (I made quite a few of them private last year as I cannot believe some of the images I felt were acceptable to post when I was 25.  Cover up love – that wasn’t classy).


Facebook also allows me to send party invites for free – whoop.  It reminds me when people are having a birthday because let’s face it – life is freaking busy.  Facebook has brought over 45,000 users to my website -seriously.

Facebook has helped millions of companies all over the world spread their message – from the huge to the tiny. Facebook kept me company throughout the long lonely nights when I was breastfeeding my son. Facebook provides much needed banter and entertainment when I am stuck at home in the rain next to kids watching Peppa and Mr Tumble.

Facebook allows me the privilege of seeing what so many old friends in my life are up to. Friends that now live far and wide across the globe.  Facebook helps us to track down toys, jewellery, wedding dresses that go missing.  It is one amazing and powerful service that we should be grateful for.

Facebook can’t control those people that pretend that life is perfect and make others feel crap.  Also, if someone is genuinely having an amazing time right now – why can’t they be allowed to shout it from the rooftops?  I love seeing happy pictures of babies being born, people on holiday, parents on a rare night out (well jel), families smiling instead of shouting.

If you are feeling a bit crap because people seem to have the perfect life on facebook compared to you then I suggest you get yourself onto this facebook page right now.  This girl will tell you how it is.  She will cover the good, the bad and the super taboo.  Based on readers feedback, she is also considering setting up an “after hours section” which will take taboo to the next level.  She will point out why there is NO need to feel intimidated.  She will give practical examples of how to try and rise above it.

If you have just looked at pictures of couples who seem so perfect and happy then read her article about marriage being a crazy ride. Seriously, next we will be banning romantic comedies because they are a marriage wrecker.  Let’s get a bit of perspective here.

Surround yourself with people who make you feel normal but let’s not shame people for being happy either.  Happiness is a beautiful thing.  A happy soul glows.

It’s half term so our house has been sheer crazy this week.  Here are some images I don’t often post on social media (like this crazy girl does).  My face ain’t pretty when:

1 – We run out of milk and bread (tea and toast is always essential).

2 -Those slow WiFi moments.  This is especially soul destroying when the kids are napping or enjoying something on TV AND ACTUALLY ALLOWING ME TO GET STUFF DONE.

3 -Getting out the house with kids – it’s harder than the crystal maze challenge.  Over the weekend when Daddy is home: it’s even harder.

4 -Feeling guilty about something every single day (crap mum, Crap wife, Crap friend, Crap housewife, crap daughter, crap no time to crap -crap must go to gym, crap crap crap – juggling it all is hard and at times a bit crap).

5 – Whenever I get cocky about my kids behaving well or sleeping well it will all go a bit bonkers.


I wasn’t so smiley at 5am the following morning when she woke me

6 -Tantrums hurt my head and make me want to cry.

7 -Cleaning up play doh: a child’s dream and a parents nightmare.

8 – When I run out of calpol which hurts more than running out of milk and bread.

9 – The NOISE levels in our house and in the car.


This picture makes our house look so calm

10 -My face when I need a coffee (the lack of drive through coffee places in Edinburgh = brutal).

11 – The days that feel soooooo long even when the years go so fast.

12 -When cbeebies is essential and I can’t find the remote control.

13 – Going shopping with young kids – enough said.

14 – When the ipad needs charged and the kids wake at 5am.

15 – Removing a dirty nappy from a wrestling toddler.

16 -Attempting to tidy the house as the kids follow me around trashing the place.

17 – Trying to bring sexy back to valentines day with a teething toddler.

18 – When my husband and I row over stupid things – sleep deprivation, housework, priorities, mobile phone usage, our mixed options about life, our passions and facebook blaming ;).


Trust me – we ain’t always this smiley


Stop being intimidated by people on facebook.  Never believe that people who post smiley images all the time don’t get stressed. We all have our own issues to deal with.  Enjoy the benefits of facebook but get out and enjoy life too.  Embrace the world offline.  Meet people for a coffee or a drink – face to face.

Facebook captures short moments in life.   We all have moments: perfect, sad, happy, passionate, euphoric, painful, mundane, frustrating, amazing moments.

oh and this song is SO good.    Turn it up loud.  It helps me on the days I find it harder to smile.


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