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Reading with kids – escapism and joy

Reading with kids – escapism and joy

I love reading and I give my parents a lot of credit for this.  I associate reading as a cosy time.  A time where my imagination can run wild.  A time I can stop calmly and be taken to another place.  A time people want me to relax  and drift off into a deep, beautiful sleep!

I also give credit to all those other lovely people who read to me.  One of my favourite photos from my childhood is that of my big brother reading to me when I was about 3 months old.  I was mesmerised.


My brother reading to me

So when we had our 2nd child you can imagine my heart melted when I saw his big sister read to him, at the tender age of 2.


Our girl reading to her little baby brother

I am a frazzled Mum but I always try and find time to read the kids a story.  For me it is one of our top bonding times.  I may have been a grumpy Mum at moments throughout the day, but as soon as I get into character with my’book voice’ – it’s all forgotten.  I am now fun, cool Mum. Go away the ‘perfect’ Mum voice of guilt.

When the lovely team at Boolino UK asked me if I would like to review an exciting new kids book, I jumped at the chance.

Follow me around is an exciting flap book. When the Mum of three puppies falls asleep, Luna the cat entertains them on a walking-tour of their huge old house. Luna becomes a bit of a scaredy-cat, warning the puppies about imagined dangers. The book features 50 lift-up flaps which reveal details such as frolicking animals and hidden message.  Which makes it amusing for us adults too.



Follow me around the house – a lift the flap book

This book is now a firm favourite in our home.  Why?

1 – we love a treasure hunt and this book gives us an epic one at that.  There are so many rooms and so many fun flaps to lift – 50 flaps really is a good effort. That will tire the kids out at bedtime.


Flap book fun

The flaps have fun things in them.  I won’t give too much away but there have been little adorable squeals of delight.


Fun kids book

2 -If I am having a really busy day and (let’s be honest here – parenthood is one busy, crazy roller coaster), the kids can enjoy this book without me.  I don’t need to be there to read every single word.

3 – This book takes me back to my childhood.  I still remember being so excited to see what was under the flap.  A book with 50 flaps is a real treat.



Flap book fun

Find the book here.  Thanks to the team at Boolino for sharing it with me.  It’s a keeper,



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