It's National Compliment Day – who shall I chose?

It's National Compliment Day – who shall I chose?

We don’t compliment enough.  Clearly.  Last night whilst lying on the sofa my husband told me I was beautiful.  I laughed and asked what he was feeling guilty about.  Isn’t that shocking? Poor bloke.

Complimenting people can get a bit embarrassing though.  Sometimes I cringe a little when I gush at people – esp if I am sober with not even so much as a coffee buzz to blame.  Why shouldn’t we tell people nice things though?  Why worry about out street cred? If people deserve a compliment I say tell them.

Today is national compliment day so I am doing a quick shout out.  It can be easy to pick the dirt in people but do you know it’s actually better for our mental health to try and see the good?  I find it quite funny though because in the UK a compliment is often seen as suspect or insincere.  We can be such critics.  Let’s stop being so highly strung and just say “cheers darlin”.

A bit of a random selection of compliments that are current this final week in January (slow down 2017).

Loudons – I was there for a meeting today and the vegan cake was delicious.  Yes I used the word vegan and delicious in the same sentence.  As was my skinny cappuccino.  It’s not so hard to be healthy with coffee and cake joints like this.  Top service, food, coffee and atmosphere.  No wonder it was packed.


National compliment 1 -Skinny Coffee and vegan cake – yum

Woodwinters I know I already gave them a shout out last week but I feel they need another one.  Why? After I published a review of the bottle of Crémant du Jura they stock (see here with chance to win bottle too and 4 wine tasting tickets), a few wrote to tell me that Aldi also sell  Crémant du Jura for only £7 a bottle.  I sampled it over the weekend and let’s just say you get what you pay for.  Nothing compares to the hidden gem that Woodwinters introduced me to.  Well worth the extra £10.  The supermarkets just can’t compete.  I don’t get out much, my fizz buzz is precious.


National compliment 2 -Woodwinters Cremant –  what a find

Cherith Harrison/Allera Marketing

Both close friends of mine.  Cherith is a super talented Scottish designer. Whilst catching up with Natalie (who does her marketing) over the weekend she reminded me about the fabulous desk planners that Cherith (who I like to call Cheeko or monkey) designed.  I have been loving it this week – everyone needs one of these desk planners in their life.  A lovely gift idea and a total bargain for the quality.


National compliment 3 – Cherith Harrison desk planners


A bit random but I am thankful for the new sushi counter.  The salmon and avocado rolls are delicious.  Plus they give me a FREE coffee AND paper.  How nice is that?


National compliment 4 – Waitrose treats – 2 totally FREE

David Lloyd – a few of you have been in touch about my membership.  Don’t forget that you can quote “Mummy Jojo” for a free guest pass if you are Edinburgh based.  If you are UK based but not Edinburgh drop me a line and I will sort it out.

I am thankful for 3 people at my health club this week.

Sammy who is teaching my little girl (and nephew) to swim.  She is fantastic and is great with the kids.


National compliment 5 – the amazing David Lloyd peeps

Alana – who has brought my little boy’s confidence on leaps and bounds in the creche.  There were no tears the 3rd time I booked him in. Trust me – this is huge.  He asked for her the other day too.  My little Mummies boy is growing up.

Lynne who has set up her spa business -Vibe.  The one thing that was missing at the gym for me is a spa.  They now have one!! I hear that Lynne (who owns it) is amazing at spa treatments and is ESPA trained.  How exciting is that?  It’s on my hit list.  My readers know I am ESPA mad.  Thankful for their salt scrub this week too ouch ouch my muscles ache.  A bath with this puts me in the zone before bed….until my  2 year old jumps on my head at 2am.


National compliment 6 – My fave ESPA salt scrub

I am also going to compliment my good friend Camilla who not only does an amazing job of my nails but encourages me to keep up the healthy lifestyle on a daily basis.  She also shares a love of coffee and shares my battle with a slight iphone addiction.  We are working on that though.


National compliment 7 -Before and after HIT speed training – that class is horrendous

It does come in handy  (always got her phone at hand) as she has been helping me capture some footage of the early stages of my health kick.  It ain’t pretty – poor girl.  She reminds me that I can, I will.



Nine by Savannah Miller – by late summer it will be all about the loungewear  (my maiden name is Wintour ya know).  I spotted Nine in Debenhams last week.  Savannah has designed some really chic and comfy loungewear clothing with a little twist #nineactive.


Our cheeky chomper – still going strong.  What a great design.  Just gutted I didn’t find out about the bibs whilst my babes used them.


National compliment 9 – Cheeky Chompers

10 is one of my favourite numbers so the final compliment goes to the hubs who complimented me on the sofa last night and had his head bitten off.

Thanks my dear.  You are pretty smoking hot yourself.


Thankful for my hot hubs and this epic pizza at Gleneagles

That felt nice. Go on – give out a few compliments.  You know you want to!










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    January 24, 2017 / 7:49 pm

    I love your blog – my compliment of the day 🙂 xx

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