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No pain = No champagne

No pain = No champagne

No pain = no champagne.  I have worked hard this month. I have been in the gym more than Bieber gets his bits papped.  There have been no weekly trips to pizza express, cheeseboard or takeaways.  I have eaten way less cake and as for bread – it’s old news. Chocolate and booze is allowed but in smaller doses. It’s been tricky but I am feeling healthy with much looser clothes.  This new lifestyle is not just for January.  I am working hard to stick to it 80% of my week.

Here are some of my top lessons so far on my road to  being healthy not skinny. Remember though – do it for the soul first, then the fit body.  The past decade was all about looking after our bodies.  We are now in a decade that is focusing on our minds.

I am a foodie.  I have been since I was born.  My Mum informs me I would always try things.  I would be munching on the vegetables that my older brothers turned their noses up at.  I loved blue cheese and olives after my first bite.   Is it possible to be a healthy foodie?

Yes, of course it is possible but it is hard.  I miss butter, I miss free pouring olive oil.  I miss fruit juice in the morning.  I miss elderflower cordial.  I miss croissants with my coffee.  I am learning to adapt though.  As for ordering a skinny cappuccino or putting skimmed milk in my tea – I actually prefer it.

Here are some recipes and top tips.

Fruit juice – it’s crammed with empty calories and way too easy to guzzle. Stick an orange or grapefruit in the fridge at night.  Slice it first thing and suck the juice out.  So fresh and tasty and also easy to grab on the run if you have sliced and ready in tupperware.

Have plenty of lemons and limes to jazz up water.  Also – if you grate the zest of an orange this is lovely in a water jug.



Smoked salmon makes a tasty and healthy lunch and is also easy to make as a packed lunch.  You can get some super tasty smoked salmon parcels. Alternatively, slice the salmon and mix with lots of fresh lemon, celery sticks, olives and a nice healthy dip of your choice.  I love making a homemade spicy hummus.


Other tasty salad combos –

Figs, goats cheese, fresh chilli and parma ham

Roast beetroot and baked feta with lemon


It’s all about the vegetables.  A curry is a great way to cram in as many as possible.  I use a little bit of coconut oil and lightly sauté the vegetables before adding a curry paste of my choice, fresh garlic, ginger and additional spices.  I also add a good pinch of turmeric as it is really good for the liver (not that I am going nuts on the booze right now but still).


My curry crammed with vegetables

I put in onion, leeks, tomatoes, carrots, peas, aubergines, peppers and fresh coriander.  I cooked down in chicken stock and a can of chopped tomatoes.  I thinly sliced chicken breasts and poached them in the sauce to keep the hubs happy.  The man needs his meat.  I like to top with fresh coriander and extra chilli.  I am laying off the naan bread at the moment but a little bit of boiled rice is ok.


Be a happy foodie


Thai Chicken and prawn skewers are a great healthy dinner option.  Serve them up with a salad of your choice or roasted vegetables.  I like to marinate the meat and fish in a little soy sauce, fish sauce, honey, fresh lime juice, garlic and ginger.  Top the meat with fresh coriander once it is cooked and extra fresh lime juice to taste.



Fresh lime, basil, garlic and chilli help curb cheese cravings

Pasta is free on the slimming world plan.  It’s the cheese and oil I need to keep tabs on.  To compensate I like to add fresh lime juice, zest, garlic, fresh basil and chilli to jazz up a sauce.  As the flavours are so good, I don’t miss the cheese.


My chicken salad with fresh lime and chilli

I do the same with a simple chicken or prawn salad.  The one above is both sun dried and fresh tomatoes.  The fresh lime juice means that less oil is needed.  I use a little chilli or basil infused olive oil on this.


My pasta with fresh lime and chilli

Roast dinner

Sunday roast doesn’t need to be avoided.  Below is a recipe for a delicious roast chicken with kale, butter beans and vegetables on the side.

Recipe for healthy roast Tip – use low fat creme fresh if you are following slimming world – it still tastes as good.


If you fail to prepare, prepare to fail.  The days I wing it and forget to stock up on healthy options – I fail big style.


A tomato base is always a healthy option.  However, if you fancy something creamier I would use chicken stock, a splash of sherry and a couple of spoons of fat free greek yogurt or low fat creme fresh at the very end.  Go for it with the herbs so you don’t compromise on flavour.  Add as many vegetables as you can. butter beans are a great low fat protein option to add – full of vitamins and minerals too.


My last casserole ingredients

Baked potatoes are a great side dish, especially if you are doing a lot of exercise. You need the carbs.  Just watch out for the butter and cheese.

Greek yogurt

A tub of fat free greek yogurt goes a long way.  My little girl loves this too.  I chop up a fresh passion fruit and mix it in.



Have packets of healthy protein in the fridge.  I love these from Marks – spiced prawns, sweet and smoky chicken and honey roast salmon.  Each pack is 120 grams so it’s also easy not to get carried away on the portions.


With slimming world you can eat pasta so boil some and mix in a packed lunch box with your protein option.  Stock up on extra vegetables too. I like chopped tomatoes and celery with a little bit rocket. Shake a good bit of fresh black pepper on top.

More tips to come but so far so good. My bikini body is waiting.  I am aiming for healthy, curvy and smaller boobs – please please !!


My target is to be like this again – healthy, curvy – not skinny



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  1. January 23, 2017 / 6:05 pm

    Love smoked salmon! Great tips, good luck with your weight loss journey! I’ve just started and determined now for summer💪

    • January 23, 2017 / 6:11 pm

      Thanks so much hope I can stay focused. Good luck to you too x

    • January 23, 2017 / 6:24 pm

      So welcome 👌👌 thanks for reading x

  2. speedymummy
    January 24, 2017 / 8:49 am

    Loving the skewers recipe idea👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
    Thanks for sharing xx

    • January 24, 2017 / 10:49 am

      Anytime. Now to go find some more recipes xx

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