Love champagne? try this bargain of a hidden gem

Love champagne? try this bargain of a hidden gem

I was slightly reluctant to write about this because it is a total hidden gem.  The stuff is delicious and it’s pretty hard to get.  I don’t want it to sell out in Edinburgh.  I need it in my life.  Even my husband (who is sooooo fussy) loves it.

At the same time, I like to spread the love and if I am impressed by something or someone I will sing it’s/their praises like there is no tomorrow.  Life is short – drink champagne.  Enjoy a fizz buzz and dance on the tables.


Buzzing, will soon be dancing on the tables and twerking like Ri Ri

Despite being on a bit of a health kick, I always make time for a fizz buzz.  I love champagne and am a huge fan of Bollinger.  The problem is that we have two kids to feed and dress.  On that note – the price to buy a pair of kids shoes #ouch. Mental note to take the grandparents next time.

A good friend of mine with top taste told me about Woodwinters at the start of 2016.  I have never looked back.  What a find! Sods law it is right next to our old flat.  It’s now a 25 minute drive across town but I do it anyway.  They also have stores in Bridge of Allan and Inverness.

I simply enter, ask for a recommendation and leave with a bottle of something FINE.  To be blunt – there is no crap.  No bottles that taste like vinegar or full of chemicals which either keep you awake at night or give you one blinder of a headache.    The team are clearly passionate and super knowledgeable which is why they have won the awards.

So when Rob told me about Cremant Du Jura (once I confessed my love for Bolly) I was a little excited.  Especially when I found out it is half the price.  Ring a ding ding.

I loved it so much on first taste that I made a vlog there and then.  I was sitting in our room upstairs, hiding from the kids as I threw on some make up.  As soon as I tasted it I had to yell down (with the risk the kids would come and steal all my makeup like they always do).

“Scott – you NEED to try this RIGHT NOW”.  Been hooked ever since.

Try it but if you live in Edinburgh don’t buy too many bottles as if it sells out I am in trouble.  To be in for a chance to win a bottle and 4 TICKETS, YES 4!! to Edinburgh’s exclusive Australian wine tasting event next month at Summerhall on the Meadows – click here.

I love a wine tasting event.  I will never forget the first wine tasting I attended in New Zealand.  My Ozzy friend and I were doing the camper van thing around the South island.  The sun was blazing.  We ditched the van and walked around all the top vineyards.  It was an amazing day.


Great wine really is good for the soul.  It’s crammed with antioxidants too.  Good luck #inittowinit #enter




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  1. glamorous glutton
    March 29, 2017 / 11:08 am

    Sounds amazing, but a little far away;( I’ll have to try Aldi instead. GG

  2. Heidi Roberts
    April 5, 2017 / 9:25 pm

    Fizz is my drink of choice – Love to try new ones!

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