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Be a happy foodie – healthy, not skinny

Be a happy foodie – healthy, not skinny

My sweet girl,

Last week as I dished out chicken fajitas you started squealing and giggling with excitement.

“Mummy, I am sooooo happy.  These chicken wraps are my favourite”.

I ran to find my phone and snapped a picture. You look so very beautiful when you smile.  Even if you have food all over your sweet little face.


Food makes you so happy

Seeing you happy and enjoying food makes me happy.  I am a feeder.  Food is something that I hope you will always enjoy.  It’s something that I hope you will always be lucky enough to have.  Sadly, too many would love to have a fridge full of food.  Always appreciate every meal you get.  Always thank those who cook for you.

Keep your love for cooking.  It’s really good for you.  It’s great fun and cooking meals from scratch is not only cheaper but it’s healthier too.  Be a foodie.

Eat out with friends and family.  It’s great to try new things and get out the house, into a new atmosphere.  It’s lovely to get a break from the dishes and food shopping.  Tip those that serve you.  Say thank you.  Leave your mobile phone off the dinner table.

Most importantly please please promise me one thing?  Promise me that you will never fear food.  Never believe that your value as a person hinges on what the scales say.  Promise me that you will never become scale obsessed.


It’s important when you get older (that is a very long time away) to look after your body.  It’s important to keep active and to eat good food.  Food that will fuel your body and make it feel good.  It’s also important to eat foods that you love – even if they are not that great for you.  You love chocolate – always make time for chocolate in your life babe.  Eat the pasta, buy the cake.  Get hammered into a good cheeseboard.  I love the way you share my passion for cheese – esp goats cheese.


Cheese makes us happy

Find balance but never ever starve yourself.  Your body needs food.  So does your mind.  Eat when you are hungry.  Never punish yourself or beat yourself up over food.  Life really is too short.

To me you will always be beautiful.  You will always be my caring, sweet, funny and smart girl.  Those who are lucky enough to be in your life will love you for the person you are.   No matter what the scales say.


My beautiful foodie

Feeling beautiful in a dress is a great thing.  But always remember –

If the girl looking fabulous in a tight dress isn’t happy, it’s pointless.  Make sure you tell your friends this too.  Look out for them.  Remind them that they are beautiful.


Whilst many of us benefit from being on a health kick this month, January is a really difficult time for those living with an eating disorder.  It is an extremely frustrating time for families caring for those who find eating even a slice of toast a marathon.  The words ‘diet’ or ‘healthy living’ will more than likely make them feel mad.

If you read my article in the paper over the weekend you will be aware that my mission for 2017 is to continue to smash these stigma topics. I am so grateful to those who are working with me to help me to do this.  My wish is that healthy and strong is the new skinny.  Let’s keep talking, sharing and supporting so we find the best balance.




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  1. January 15, 2017 / 8:45 pm

    Just shared this on my fb page! Keep up the good work

    • January 15, 2017 / 8:50 pm

      Thanks so much, really hope it helps people x

  2. bitesofflavor
    January 16, 2017 / 4:23 pm

    Great read! Food is a really special thing. I love to cook for people, and eat with people. It’s my happy place :).

    • January 16, 2017 / 4:55 pm

      Defo 👌👌 here’s to that !! Thanks x

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