2017 – a happy soul glows (healthy not skinny)

2017 – a happy soul glows (healthy not skinny)

What are your goals for 2017?  We all need something or life gets a bit dull.

I let myself go in November and December.  Partly to love life with my family and friends – eating and drinking whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted.  It was also partly to see how easy it would be to put on weight.  Yes -I’ll do anything for a writing project.  It turns out it is VERY easy.  Let’s not judge people – it can happen to us all.  Never get cocky.  I put on a whopping 14 pounds!!! I lost my balance.

My exceptionally honest Mother in Law told me I look pregnant on Christmas day as she patted my stomach.  I can assure you it’s not a 3rd baby.  I have a food and booze belly – Santa move over ho ho ho.  Safe to say I am not feeling that sexy right now.  Especially walking around the gym.  A gym full of non blogger geeks who stayed balanced and as a result have hot, healthy bodies.


My November/December weight gain


My mission for 2017 is to find balance again.  Balance with food, exercise, my mobile phone, my family and friends and myself.  Turns out finding balance is freaking hard.

I confessed to the Evening News that I have a slight phone addiction.  Turns out I am not alone.  Turns out lots of us are struggling.  I am working hard at finding that balance again.  I know I have lost it when either my husband, my 4 year old or my Mum mutter the words –

“Put that phone AWAY”.

My health club, David Lloyd hit the nail on the head too when they launched tech free Sundays.  Hint hint – talk to your family in the social zones.  Connect with them.

I know when it is time to connect with living, breathing people who I love instead.  I know when it is time to connect with myself – be it reading a book, going to a yoga class or just being still.  Being present in the moment.

My goal last year was to run a marathon.  Not an easy goal and a very easy one to give up on.  What kept me going?  It was hard work but I knew how proud I would feel once it was done.  I knew I would never regret a marathon medal.  I got my head down, worked/ran hard and made it happen.  Check out my article in Women’s running magazine for more info.

I always tell people they should exercise for the soul first, then the body.  A fit body that lacks soul is pointless.  We need to work on our minds and our bodies. We need to find a healthy balance with exercise and food.  Also DO NOT make the mistake I have in the past and assume slimmer people are fitter.  Watching what we eat is not enough.  Our bodies need exercise as do our minds.  Trust me – I have ran past a lot of people way slimmer than me at events.


Healthy and happy is the new skinny

I had an absolute blast over the festive period.  I eat loads and drank whatever I wanted with people I love.  I will never regret those memories.  What I will do though is work hard to get my balance back.  I feel this challenge may be harder than a marathon.

I had a fantastic personal training session at David Lloyd last week with Hannah and she asked me where I want to be in 6 months time.  I said  two things –

1 – I want to find the Edinburgh Half Marathon easier – which means less weight to run with, more muscle and improved fitness.  I need to build muscle: I need to be healthy not skinny.

Then sheepishly

2 –  I want to look well fit in a pair of denim shorts.  I may be 34 with two young kids but does that mean I need to walk around in cardigans and long dresses? HELL NO! On a plus to this rather unflattering photo – check out the leg muscles being a runner gives you!


Marathon muscle legs but HELLO Santa belly, these shorts no longer fit !!


How will I make it happen? Believe me I am going to.

My plan

I have booked up for the following running events –

Kilomathon – April – my first time – I am excited to give it a bash.

Edinburgh Marathon Festival – my all time favourite running festival where my journey began in 2015.

A great support network is essential.  I am so thankful to all my readers who keep encouraging me. People with their own goals that relate to what I am talking about.  I have asked my friends and family to support me.  I have also got a fantastic support at David Lloyd – be it the personal trainers or all those excellent class leaders.  My current favourites are body balance, RPM and body pump.  The club also offers some shorter interval training classes which destroy me!

Where possible I will do –

5 fitness sessions per week which include a mix of –

Weight lifting combined with interval running on the woodway curve treadmill


Body Pump

Short interval/HIT classes

Body Balance or Yoga

Outdoor running


Personal training sessions

I like to mix it up a bit or it gets boring.  My body feels a lot more flexible since I have been doing the yoga and balance classes.  I find they are great for my mind too – we all need a bit of calm.

I have been advised to mix up my sessions but ensure I am lifting heavy weights 3 times a week.  If I feel tired or burnt out I will rest.  I will nourish my body so I don’t get injuries.

I love the fact we are entering an age where it’s no longer about hammering the cross trainer for over an hour. We know now that weight lifting and shorter bursts of cardio have a greater impact.  This is ideal for busy people.

I shall also be following the slimming world approach to eating – because we all know that you can’t outrun a bad diet.  I eat fairly healthy (November and December aside) but I love rich, fatty food, wine, fizz and cocktails. These days it is far too easy to put weight on. Clearly.

I have another blog about healthy eating scheduled for next week with some excellent recipes, healthy foodie style.  Follow my food and fizz page here which I try and update daily.


Eggs for breakfast

My husband is equally passionate about fitness which helps.  He knows how easy it is to put on weight.  Check this out !!


My husband is now healthy not skinny

I never knew him when he was heavier.  He was loving life, drinking a fair bit and living off takeaways.  Then his mates said “who eat all the pies” and he made some changes.  The changes used to annoy me.  I used to call him self obsessed when he flashed his ripped pack in the mirror.  I wished he was more like me, chilled out and a bit lazy.  I didn’t get it.  Nothing he could say would change me.  I saw exercise and healthy living as boring.  I wasn’t fussed.  If you have followed my journey you will know that I get it now.  Even when I can’t be bothered I know I will never regret a workout.  The gym is packed now – it’s January.  Research shows a huge % will give up by February/March.  I can confidently say I won’t be one of them.

As for the kids.  My 4 year old is now at the stage that she wants goals too.  She wants in on this thing called ‘healthy living’ because she absorbs everything I do like a sponge.  I am so careful about how I word things though.  It is never ‘ a diet’ and we avoid the word fat at all costs.  We talk positively about our lifestyle.  I tell her “Mummy is doing some healthy living as my clothes are a little tight from too much cake”.  She watches me eating.  She helps me make healthy smoothies.  She knows that I will be eating more of the good foods that she learnt about in nursery last year.  She refused to share her krispy creme with me over the weekend.  It kind of melted my heart:

“Mummy you are doing really well with this healthy stuff, keep going – no donut”.

As I am now eating healthier, the kids and my husband are too.  I have far more healthy options kicking around and less temptations.   Over the weekend and on special occasions we have treats.  We have fun.  We listen to great music and dance too which means extra treats.  Regular exercise gives me so much more energy.  I spend WAY less time on the sofa and dance around the house like I’m still a teenager.


Bonnie had her first swimming lessons at David Lloyd on Saturday. I am excited to see her confidence continue to grow in the water.


Her lessons are right next to the outdoor heated pool – a place I love all year round.  I like to watch for a bit then nip out and do some lengths.

Next week I am going to start putting her into the free classes at the gym to further build on her confidence on the lead up to starting school in summer. There are a mixture of art/creative classes and fitness ones too.   It will be ideal next year when our 2 year old will be able to join her.  Currently he loves splashing around the pool like a manic and of course soft play.  Great for tiring him out.

His coordination with a ball is insane and he is already a huge fan of Andy Murray, in fact he could say his name fluently at the tender age of 1 – see here.  I hopes that if I can keep working hard at my own goals, as he grows he will naturally want to smash his goals too.

Wish me luck. I may have made it sound like it is going to be easy but I can assure you it will not be.  There will be blood, sweat and tears.  To follow me on this journey and see my updates on your newsfeed join my –




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I am investing in a new camera this week so I promise the images will improve if you are into that kind of thing.  I will be publishing my results in May.  Wish me luck and all the best at smashing your goals whatever they may be.  If you want to join me for the ride let’s do this!!!







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