Why every babe needs a cheeky chomper

Why every babe needs a cheeky chomper

I have been hearing the name Cheeky Chomper a lot lately.  It really stuck in my mind as these two words sum up my little boy to a tee.  The boy is pure cheek and he chomps whatever he can get his teeth into. Which is the reason I promptly stopped breastfeeding as soon as this phase began.  I couldn’t be bothered making bottles in the night but at the same time ouch no it was worth it and also time for Daddy to join the night party train. Hello sleep how I have missed you.

After consulting google to see what could possibly be cheekier and chompier than this little monkey, I was in for a surprise.

Firstly I was actually pretty annoyed.  I thought my friends were savvy – why did nobody tell me about these products? Bibs that you can bite, chew, chomp all over – absolute genius. Not ideal for me now though as my Cheeky Charlie is past the bib stage.  Another excuse to have an accident 3rd baby?

For those who watched my vlog where I rapped about calpol and sleepless nights  (Honey G watch out love) you will know my boy goes through calpol quicker than Trump updates his twitter account.  Teething lasts for AGES.  I cope by trying to laugh about it otherwise I think I would lose the plot.

Not only is the bib aka neckerchew practical, it’s stylish too.  I love a funky bib.  The Cheeky Chomper gang have teamed up with Joules to create some beautiful pieces.


Ok, so my friends and family messed up by not buying me the neckerchew (parents don’t buy bibs or clothes for 2nd baby – we get gifts and have no time to shop).  How could I get a piece of the cheeky chomper action? Luckily for Cheeky Charlie and I they launched a comfortchew in 2014 which is right up our street just now.  After a recent firework display where he was terrified (silent fireworks are a great shout Edinburgh people) he has needed a comforter everywhere he goes.  I think the poor lamb has a bit of firework bang PTSD.


Cheeky Chomper Comfortchew

Farmer Joules comfortchew to the rescue.  How nice is this?  It arrived last week and I could have wrapped it for Christmas or I could make life much easier for the week leading up to it.  I chose the latter. Santa ain’t getting all the credit.  Cheeky Charlie was instantly hooked.


My cheeky chomper with his new cheeky chomper

He knew exactly what to do and was instantly biting away like there was no tomorrow.


Cheeky chomper with his new cheeky chomper

I love how easy it is to carry the comfortchew around with us.  Sometimes comfort blankets can get a bit annoying as they get dragged along the ground.  This is a really practical size.  It doesn’t take up too much space in my Mummy bag either. It’s ideal as if he is really sore I can put some teething gel on the chewy hippo.


Bonnie, my 4 year old, has also become quite intrigued by the comfortchew.  All of the tags attached to it are great too.  Us gals noticed the way it can be worn as a bracelet.


I wanted in on the action myself.  That hippo is really satisfying to bite.


I love the story of Cheeky chompers.  Amy (one of the co founders) and I used to work in the same industry for luxury hotels.  It was great fun but a lot of travelling and entertaining was involved – including over Christmas.  With family life this isn’t always ideal.  On maternity leave, whilst sick and tired of picking up teethers off dirty floors, Amy and her friend Julie found a need.  They put their creative brains together and decided to attach the teether to the baby in the form of bibs. Such a simple concept but so needed.

Over the past few years they have expanded the product range to include a variety of teething aids, blankets and comforters. They recently launched Chewy the teething hippo and beautiful looking cheeky blankets, which can be attached to the buggy and they have cosy feet and hand pouches.  Yes please!

Could the cheeky chomper be the new Sophie?  Yes – I think it is.  I am just annoyed I didn’t find out about them sooner.  To all my pregnant friends – guess what you will be receiving next year?  Great stuff that helps.  You are welcome x



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