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Pressure to be a freaking fun Mum

Pressure to be a freaking fun Mum

I am a total newbie to this whole elf on the shelf stuff.  To be frank, it all seemed like WAY too much effort.  Life is crazy enough right?  A while ago I wrote about being intimidated by Mum’s who make scones.  I sometimes feel the same way about those Mum’s on Pinterest and Instagram who are so freaking fun.  The Mum’s who have a daily elf adventure planned, complete with crafting, baking and magical adventures.  

Then this week, after a trip to the Royal Yacht Britannia, I got to thinking. It appears the royal family left a bit of magic on that boat.  You see, having a bit of time to reflect on the water, with the sea air, (away from my laptop, chores, supermarket shopping, cooking etc) it hit me:

Life is so busy, so fast.  It’s time to slow things down a bit – Peter Pan style. 

I have been a bit of a grumpy cow this week.  There was no need to put my finger up at that driver who was up my ass along a 20 miles per hour zone.  Why bother, it was his issue and I made it mine.    Maybe he was late for an interview.  Maybe he is just an asshole.

I snapped at my husband for failing to appreciate the fact I cooked him an awesome curry. Work had been crazy that day and he had a lot on his mind. He forgot to say thanks – I do that too sometimes when he cooks.  Stress can make us all assholes.


My totally bang on cuzza which I didn’t Instagram or pin

I was short with the kids for being too noisy around the house.  They were having fun – I was busting their buzz – baaaaaahumbug.

On the boat it hit me just how magical their little minds are.  Can’t I be the fun, cool Mum who joins them for the ride?  I don’t like grumpy, stressed out Mum.  On the boat for 80% of the time I was chilled out, cool fun Mum.

I was parenting ‘Peter Pan style’.

As we were driving home via nursery my 4 year old said:

“Mummy, that was the best morning.  You are great fun”.

You would think that such a simple thing – the ability to have fun would be easy.  Yet, the stresses of balancing life can make it so hard.  Do we have time to have fun? I am often that Mum in a rush.  The Mum who is too busy to embrace moments because I am always chasing my tail.  At play dates this week the adult chat was:

Kids, juggling work, relationships, Christmas shopping, trying to make time to go to the gym, Christmas calories, Christmas cards, birthday parties, sleep (or lack of it) and yes – ELF ON THE SHELF.

Whilst most of the above is real life, which must go on, I decided that for a % of my day I am going to make a bit more effort to be a freaking fun Mum – Peter Pan style.  Because getting out in the fresh air,  to a new scene and mixing things up is really good for the soul.  As is being able to relax at home.  Being able to say – let’s just stop for 30 minutes.  Turn the tv and the ipad off.  No housework, no laptop, no phone. No last minute Christmas shopping and card writing.  Let’s go and find Jingle, our new, naughty and fun family Elf. Let’s have a laugh about what he has been up to.



Tut tut barbie has been getting involved too – that girl will do anything for a Ferrero Rocher.


Elf getting a back rub from barbie in return for vodka and chocs

This is NOT as it seems.  Ok – I don’t get out much but I just love how innocent a child’s mind is:

“Mummy, look barbie is giving elf a massage while he has a bath.  They have been singing too”.  We love a boozy karaoke here.

I have suggested that we should get barbie dressed though as she does look a little cold. Also she is FAR too pert for my liking !

Being a freaking fun parent isn’t as hard as I thought.  Take some time to ‘Peter Pan’ it this weekend.  Forget the stresses for a bit and take yourself to neverland x






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