Bonnie Prince Charlie meets The Royal Yacht Britannia

Bonnie Prince Charlie meets The Royal Yacht Britannia

Why is it that when we go to new Cities and Countries we do it in style?  We wouldn’t dream of missing out on top visitor attractions.  The first day I spent in Melbourne, I got myself to Ramsey street quicker than Simon Cowell’s signing of the UK’s answer to Dr Dre: Miss Honey G. Tell me that was a dream. 

When it comes to home though it’s a different story.  I was recently asked at the pink house belvedere vodka party:

“have you been to the Royal Yacht Britannia?” I sheepishly replied “no, but it looks fantastic” followed by “plus, I have two young kids”.

Little did I know that not only is the boat extremely child friendly – it is free for 5 year old kids and under.  Bonnie is 4 and Charlie is 2 – no time like the present then.  After hammering the vodka cocktails back I vowed I would check it out asap.  I am not a fan of all talk no action and a firm believer we should try and do sober what we say we will do drunk.  I could act at the speed of the government triggering article 50 or I could pull  a Nike and ‘just do it’.  I chose the latter.  This week off I set, two kids in tow down to the royal yacht.

One thing I love about kids is their imagination.  It can be so easy to take their little minds for granted.  Little minds that are capable of going to the most magical of places, just think back to when you were little.  How much fun was that? How easily pleased could we be?  Creative play is fabulous yet in my adult mind I often forget this.  Some days I rush around like mad and fail to embrace this little magical world with them.  I find it is much easier to join in the fun when we get out of the house.  I have less tasks to worry about and less distractions.

As we drove to the yacht I started a bit of freestyling to set the scene:

“We are off to a very special and magical boat where the Queen lived”….. instantly they were buzzing for an adventure.

For over 44 years this beautiful ship served the Royal Family, travelling over one million miles!


Royal Yacht lego model

On arrival (free parking – bonus) and after looking at the impressive 11 foot LEGO replica model of the Royal Yacht, we were asked if we would like a free audio tour.  My initial response was “I don’t think that will work with these little cherubs”.  Then I thought sod it, we may as well give it a bash.  After all, there is a child friendly version of the audio tour.  Wow and behold the kids absolutely loved walking around with their talking phones.


They were so engrossed that I actually got to listen to most of the royal goss myself.  I loved hearing about the Queen sitting eating her sandwiches on deck, seeing where she slept and drooling over the bar.


Royal Yacht Britannia bar


I loved seeing where Prince Philip did his paintings.  I loved watching my little people run around the deck where Prince Charles and Princess Anne built dens and splashed in paddling pools.


Art on the Royal Yacht


I enjoyed seeing the grand staircase and confess to daydreaming about Leonardo DiCaprio returning to Edinburgh ‘Titanic style’ and meeting me on those steps.  Instead I gushed over another little blonde haired, blue eyed boy at the bottom of them.


The grand stairway on the royal yacht

The kids got so excited every time they spied a corgi dog, which they were counting as part of a competition.  My competitive side came out and I enjoyed looking for them too. Bonnie was sad to see the one in a bandage down in first aid in the lower decks.


A highlight for me was when we went to the tearoom and Bonnie screamed in excitement “Mummmmmy – they know our names, how do they know?”


Coffee on the Royal yacht and our very own Bonnie Prince Charlie

I had to add to the creative play and replied “yes, they put that on the menu especially for you and Charlie coming”.  I’m not one to kill a kids buzz.

I have an excuse to go back and enjoy a Bonnie Prince Charlie coffee because I have promised that we will add one of those fluffy, super soft and cute corgi dogs from the gift shop to our santa list.


The Royal Yacht giftshop

I hear from a couple of reliable sources that the yacht is a fantastic place to enjoy what I like to call ‘a fizz buzz’ in the evening.  That certainly gives the yacht a new dimension.  I look forward to it.


Cherith the very talented Scottish designer enjoying some champers and festive wreath making this week and Natalie Allera Marketing (one of Edinburgh’s guru’s) checking out the beautiful grand piano – champers in hand ovbs.

My Negatives –

  • Not making use of the free fudge samples in the onboard NAAFI sweet shop
  • Ordering one cake – scones with cream and jam looked great and Bonnie totally hogged the lemon drizzle which was huge may I add.  It was clearly too tasty to share #disappointed.

Cake on the Royal Yacht

  • Ordering a small cappuccino – it was tasty and served in lovely china (just how I like it).  I should have gone for a large.

Coffee on the Royal Yacht

  • Having the car – I wanted that Bonnie Prince Charlie boozy coffee.


Until the next time!






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