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HURRAH for honesty and amazing books

HURRAH for honesty and amazing books


They say staying in with a good book is the new going out.   Too right it is because let’s face it – who wants to look after my two kids who have serious FOMO?  Sleep is overrated.  On top of this, my 2 year old is going through phase ‘Mummy’s boy’.  Man the cuddles are epic but when I try and do anything or leave him with anyone else he breaks his little heart.  Who wants to be left with a crying 2 year old? 

“Where’s my Mummy gone, Maama, Muma, Maaaaaaa”.

He broke his heart so much when we last left him (September 3rd not that I am keeping note) that his big sister had to cuddle him to sleep and say “It’s ok, Mummy will be back soon”.  I almost cried into my expresso martini when I got this via WhatsApp from my sister in law #picoftheyear.


Where did Mummy go? #truestory

I have embraced hygge with open arms because:

1 – I have no choice

2 – Being at home in a onesie and fluffy socks is pretty nice.  With gin – even better.

Reading in bed is high on my hygge agenda.  Stick a festive candle on, get the onesie zipped up and off we go #rockandroll.  Step aside husband – this week I have had Katie Kirby in my bed and I have to say – the girl is a legend.  Get this book on your Christmas list right now.  Total bargain too by the way, she should be charging more as reading this was the highlight of my week.  Move over X Factor.

I hope she gets her little gin drinking bootay up to Scotland in the near future because I want to give her a high five, a bottle of Edinburgh rhubarb and ginger gin and say THANK YOU !!

Thank you for making me feel normal.  Thank you for being brave and honest.  Thank you for reminding me that when I feel guilty for shouting too much  – I am not alone.  Thank you for your hilarious analogies and use of sarcasm.  Thank you for your message that ‘perfect’ Mum (and wife/partner for that matter) doesn’t exist.  She is just in my head, constantly getting in my face.

We are all just doing our best.  We are doing the best for our families and there is absolutely no denying the love we feel for our little people.  Yes, some days we want to sneak into the kitchen and drink gin.  Some days it gets too much but let’s face it – we are whipped.  I already have the tissues packed for our little girls nativity this week.  The husband has booked a snip appointment in advance after seeing this.


Thank you for your hilarious little stick figures and reminding me that art in its simplest of forms can have such an impact. That creativity comes in all sorts of ways and fundamentally it is about the message.  Phew for that as I can’t draw for sh&t and my instagram photos are pretty grainy (hint hint Santa baby – new phone needed).

Laughter is the medicine of life and this book had me in stitches all week (would have read it in one sitting if kids allowed). I hope this book reaches people who are having a rubbish time right now.  For the parents who are suffering in silence.  One thing I have learnt this year -there are far too many of us out there.  Thank you for helping to smash the stigma. For those who look through Instagram and feel out of their depth because they ain’t whipping up a salmon and kale fish cake for their kids.  For those who are struggling to keep on top of chores, elf on the shelf games and general life.  I hope someone buys you this book for Christmas and you feel better.

Christmas is a magical time but it is also a really stressful time.  A time where divorce rates are at their peak, where family politics get real.  A time where the roads are full of psychopaths and the middle finger is used more than Trumps twitter account.

Christmas is a time that we need to calm down.  We need to chill out a bit and find some perspective.  We need to have a laugh and stop judging others.

Katie Kirby – to me and now many of my friends who I shall be buying this book for:

You will never be an offensive, foul – mouthed alcoholic (say wwaaaaat – trolling is not cool). You will be a Mum trying her best who also happens to be a bloody genius writer who can draw way better than me.  Enjoy all the gin you like this Christmas 2016 because you deserve it.






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