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Tips to look after husband – 2017

Tips to look after husband – 2017


Buy him some nice recipe books – Jamie Oliver has a new Christmas version out.  Pour yourself a much needed gin and tonic as he prepares the evening meal.  A happy, calm wife is a happy husband.


Prepare yourself

If you are staying in get the pj’s and fluffy socks on.  Cosy/comfy is the new sexy.  Treat yourself to a nice new onesie and let him try it.  Your husband will be surprised at how comfortable they are.


Husband trying on onesie

If you are escaping the mad house then slap some make up on and have a good time. You deserve it and the husband deserves some quality time at home with the kids.


Make mine a double



Don’t worry about the clutter.  Life is insane.  You are no doubt frazzled.  Dust if you must but if you can learn to cope with it then forget the clutter and pour yourself a cup of tea or something stronger.  If your husband expects the house to be tidy then leave him alone with the kids for a full week.  This will do him the world of good.

Prepare the children

An ipad and a packet of biscuits should do the trick so you can sit calmly for 15 minutes and stare into space.

Minimise the Noise 

Again, an ipad and a packet of biscuits should do the trick.

Some don’ts

Don’t let him be an asshole.  He may have had a stressful day but let’s be honest here – he drove or got the bus to work in peace.  He ate his lunch and consumed any hot drinks in peace.  He went to the bog in peace.  Don’t let him be the only one to ramble on.  If you have cooked with screaming  children at your feet – he better be on time.


Getting comfortable

Ask your husband to run you a bath and rub some relaxing essential oil on your back.  It is his duty to keep you calm so you feel refreshed when the kids jump on your head at 3am.


You are probably too tired to talk or listen by the time your husband gets home.  Take 5 minutes just to sit in silence and gather your thoughts.

Make the evening yours

It is so important for you both to get out the house as a couple – kiddie free.  Have a good moan at him if he never takes you out.  That’s bang out of order that is.


When was our last date Mr?? Oh my birthday in September!


The goal

Try not to kill each other, stock up on champagne, Edinburgh gin, wine and chocolate.




Tips for husband 2016


Small print – this post is just for fun.  Drink sensibly (ish) x


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