Media Kit / Meet Mummy Jojo

“Jojo Fraser will get customers emotional about your brand through her creative writing and vlogs.  If she is passionate about your product or service she will give the campaign 110%”

Thanks for stopping by.  I am Jojo Fraser, a freelance writer with over 12 years experience in marketing, sales and creating content with a twist. I am a lifestyle columnist and wellness coach.  I am currently writing my first book which is set in Edinburgh.  It is a comedic self development book with my ‘unashamedly uncensored’  twist.


My last social media campaign for one of my clients had an extremely high engagement level at 10.65% (0.5% is the expected %). I deliver all of my projects, both online and offline with passion and determination. I like to put a twist on my campaigns to ensure they are memorable, yet genuine.


I will only work with brands that I believe in and love.    I love doing reviews and putting a unique spin on them but I will only write about products, places and experiences that I genuinely enjoy. I have been sent a lot of products but I won’t review the ones I don’t enjoy or feel add value.


My following is growing each day but what I am most proud of is the engagement statistics from my readers.  I asked a small sample why they keep coming back to read more:

“I love how honest you are”.

“You make me laugh when I am having a tough day or week”.

“I never know what is coming next”.

“Always entertaining, even the reviews. I always read to the end, you keep me sucked in”.

I love to collaborate with positive and determined people.  My mission is to be entertaining, informative and inspirational.  Mental wellness and self care will always be at the heart of what I do.  The age of wellness is booming and I love it.

My background is in both Marketing, copywriting and Sales and Account Management for bigmouthmedia and The Town House Collection.  I also have experience in self development courses and public speaking.  I produced my own course for staff members within The Town House Collection and carried out regular sessions internally.  I have adapted this course significantly for corporate clients which is fun, practical and in line with my book.

My client portfolio includes:




I am very passionate about luxury hotels.  I helped to launch Blythswood Square Hotel, Glasgow and set up over 100 corporate accounts.  I enjoyed writing the Town House Collection blog so much that I decided to start my own.



Besides writing, vlogging and giving talks, my key  passions are -luxury breaks, quality food and drink, quirky fashion (maiden name is Wintour), running and fitness, spa and pampering, reading, singing and music.

Brands that I have worked with so far in 2016 since launching Mummy Jojo:



I look forward to getting to know you.  I do guest posts, column work, sponsored blog posts, freelance copywriting with a twist and wellness/self care talks. Please drop me a line –

‘Mummy Jojo is refreshingly honest, heart warningly funny and unashamedly uncensored’
Scottish Widows
‘Jojo Fraser is someone who doesn’t live by the boundaries of keeping a stiff upper lip’
Evening News
‘Jojo is passionate about raising awareness of mental health issues’
Women’s running magazine
‘Jojo injected joy into this office’

A little bit about me –

What inspired you to promote mental wellness?

It’s a long story –my story ** warning emotional post alert.  In short – please remember no matter how desperate you may feel there is hope.  I promise.  Also – it is ok to not be ok.  You don’t have to suffer in silence.

Scariest thing you have done?

Mmmm tough one, it could be sky diving, one of the worlds largest bungy jumps or hitchiking in America.  Instead I will go for Internet dating back in 2005.  I am sure it’s a lot better now.

How would your best friend describe you?

Gushy, passionate, determined and uncensored.

Where is your favourite place to go on holiday?

Tough one – I loved Thailand so much I have the word passion in Thai inked on my arm.  I love Ibiza, Greece, Italy and Australia.  I do believe though that it is not always where you are, it is who you are with.  I have been in some of the most stunning places and felt lonely and some pretty average places and felt on fire.

What is your favourite drink?

A good cappuccino, an ice cold glass of Bollinger or Sancerre.  I like a really creamy red wine – St Julien is stunning or a good Barolo with a punch.  Cocktails – passion fruit daiquiri, coconut Margarita, gin, espresso martini and an extra spicy bloody Mary.  Mostly though I drink water and fresh lime.  LOVE fresh lime.

Where do you go to relax?

Running outdoors, a spa ah Gleneagles.  We have started an annual spa break kiddie free in December.  Just what Santa ordered.  I love an infinity pool.  With a sunset pool and champagne on tap – even better.

Most proud of?

My kidsthey drive me wild some days but boy I love them.  I am also proud of helping to smash the stigma of mental health issues.  I will never stop.


Most embarrassing moment?

Most of the vlogs I publish make me embarrassed.  Especially knowing that over 3,600 are watching them.  It is worthwhile making a fool of myself though to help people laugh and promote wellness.

Words of wisdom?

Find something you are passionate about and work your ass off.  Life is too short to do a job you don’t enjoy.  Be kind – everyone is dealing with something.  Do something nice for you every single day. We all need a bit of self love.

Life mission?

Deep!!  To be happy and help to make others happy too.  Contentment is key and love always wins.  Yip – told you I was gushy.  Let’s not things too seriously and have fun.


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