Adults Fizz buzz vs kids sugar buzz

Adults Fizz buzz vs kids sugar buzz

It feels like yesterday I was writing about drinking champagne and dancing on the tables at my babies 1st birthday bash.  He turns 2 this week on St Andrew’s Day and guess what?  I did it again.  I let my fresh out the salon blame bob down over the weekend.  I threw my hands around in the air and waved them like I was the sexiest Mama alive.

I got such a row.  Can you guess who from? Yip bang on – smug, know it all ‘perfect’ Mum. She loves to have her say.

‘why do you deem it necessary to be handing out fizz?  It is about the kids – not the adults’!’

‘I think you should start keeping it healthy, the kids need to cut down on sugar – no haribo’

I am that Mum who hands out glasses of champagne at soft play.  No NOT for the kids, for the long suffering, exhausted, sleep deprived – amazing parents.


Yes the guy from Busted is a good pal of ours

If parents are being dragged along to soft play late on a Saturday afternoon then the least I can do is offer them a bit of a fizz buzz as their kids get high on sugar.

Granted ‘perfect’ mum reminded me that some would be driving and not everyone enjoys alcohol.  Calm down woman -those who are driving or not fussed can get a caffeine hit instead.  We all know that a decent coffee or San Pellegrino is the next best thing.   The texts were flooding in the following day –

That party was so relaxing

Fizz for the Mama’s is the way forward

Perfect Mum told me it was selfish.  She can be such a kill joy.

Did any of the kids look upset about the glasses of fizz? Absolutely no way.  They were too high on a sugar buzz and loving life.   They were being well entertained and running around daft in a safe environment  as many of the parents relaxed.  I told ‘perfect’ Mum to stop being so hard on me.  Parties are meant to be fun.

I have a couple of pet hates.  Being sober at a party full of people high on booze (well jel) or kids high on sugar. Ah sugar.  Personally I am not a fan of sweets.  I used to love them as a kid but must have gone through some kind of ‘sweet trauma.  I should really book a slot with Paul Mckenna and find out what happened there.

My husband often comes home with packs of haribo for himself and the kids.  Once consumed our little people are bouncing off the walls.  High on life, screaming, shouting, dancing and singing.  Haribo is their shot of tequila.  It’s their glass of champagne or bottle of wine.  It gets them loose.  It gets them excited.  They have no boundaries.

Being in a room with kids on a sugar buzz can be exceptionally annoying.  Just like being in a room of people on a booze buzz with no filter.  People dancing like they are the sexiest thing on the planet #guiltyascharged.

We  host a lot of parties at home and a fizz buzz for the adults that want it is an absolute necessity.  I hosted my little girls 2nd birthday at home whilst I was pregnant and unable to drink and vowed NEVER, EVER again. Watching 20 kids totally trash your house with no fizz buzz is horrendous.  My kids tell me that a party without sweets and cake makes them feel sad.  Well I feel that way about fizz.  In fact, the thought of an ice cold glass of champers kept me going last Wednesday arvo as I spent most of it ‘pre party’  cleaning whilst the little birthday boy followed me around trashing the place.

So yes, perfect Mum may whisper ‘thou shall have no alcohol to celebrate your child’s brithday because it is inappropriate and ‘keep the treats healthy for the kids’.  Over the weekend I told her the following:

Will you just SHUT IT.  After a full induction, I had my stomach cut open with a scalpel the day our precious boy came into the world.  I am celebrating the fact we are both alive and well.  If I want a fizz buzz it is mine for the taking.  Our house is going to go from show house to hole in about 2 minutes.  A few glasses of fizz will keep me calm. If you can’t  beat them – join them.  The kids are going to get high on sugar – not carrot sticks.  Can you imagine their faces if I dish out carrot sticks as a prize for their epic dance moves?  Perfect Mum – you have no clue love.  Whilst the kids love life I am going to enjoy a bit of a fizz buzz.  I’m not talking staggering about and twirking.  I am talking about just a little pick me up.  A few glasses of fizz with food, family and friends.  Then when the kids are sound asleep yes I may dance on the tables if I have the energy or I may pass out on the sofa.  It is none of your business.

Here are some images of us all having an amazing time plus a little vlog here of me talking fizz buzz, too much cleavage (ooops) a gorgeous, cheaper alternative to Bollinger champagne and the most embarrassing thing I have EVER done.  Enjoy,


Ps – we even made it to soft play for a friends birthday party the following day.  After catering and hosting 40 people !!!! (small, relaxed family gathering I had dubbed it) we decided to get a Chinese takeaway last night.  ‘Perfect’ Mum was not amused but check out the soon to be birthday boy chowing down on salt and pepper prawns and chicken chow mein – happy days #simplethings x


Love this cheeky boy


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