What's so good about David Lloyd?

What's so good about David Lloyd?

A few of you have asked me about my membership at David Lloyd after reading my embarrassing blog about getting my kit off there recently. Two things I am proud to be known for:

‘Mummy Jojo is not someone who lives by the boundary of keeping a stiff upper lip’ Evening news


I only review places that I genuinely enjoy.

Said by me – you will just have to take my word for it

So if I go for a meal and it sucks: it will not go on my website or any of my columns. Simple as that.  I ain’t giving names but I will give a genuine shout out to El Cartel where I enjoyed a mexican street food lunch the other week – oh baby.  You can’t book though so arrive sharp. The coconut margaritas are bang on.  I digress.


Before I joined David Lloyd, I was a member of Urban Village and before that the Scotsman.  In January of this year it all changed.  I came to David Lloyd for a 4th birthday party  and was offered a trial pass.  I was hooked.  Let me give you the low down as to why I decided to join.


David Lloyd isn’t just a gym, it’s a community.  It’s a place I can take my kids to let off steam and a place I can sign my friends in to save us paying £10 a time at other Edinburgh soft play venues with notoriously bad coffee.    The club does a great cappuccino – phew for that.


My kids don’t sleep much

It also saves my house being trashed from all those play dates.


The soft play is the perfect size for my 4 year old and nearly 2 year old.  They also have ipads with games, a lego table and art table.  If the kids are happy then I am happy. I have signed 9 year olds in who have enjoyed it.  There is something for everyone.

My 4 year old loves taking credit for other kids work.  Whoever left this on the arts and crafts table – great job!


Didn’t have the heart to tell her I knew it wasn’t her work



Adult only zone


Adult only zone at David Lloyd

Adult only – now we are talking and breath.  The staff often comment about how relaxed I look when I am in the club alone.  David Lloyd is a place I love to work when I am kiddie free.  If I need things to be quiet then I can sit in the adult only zone.  Sometimes I like to sit in the main lounge – they play great tunes.  It’s ideal because I can fit in a quick workout after or at least a trip to the hot tub.


A place I can meet family and friends to see the fireworks – that was some show guys.  It was so good that our 1 year old is still having nightmares.  Bang bang.

The outdoor pool

David Lloyd is a place I can go with a good book and soak some rays.  They even take drinks orders by the pool.  Mental note to cancel those flights to Ibiza #partyatthegym.


Outdoor pool at David Lloyd in summer

This was the perfect afternoon for me after running 26.2 miles in May.  I am a total water baby.  There is something lovely about being outside swimming or floating around.


Outdoor pool at David Lloyd at sunset

After an rpm class at night or a weights session, it is such a peaceful place to go for a sunset swim. The outdoor pool is open all year and I even love it in the winter – yes it is heated.


Outdoor pool at David Lloyd in winter


It has a bar -we all need our treats.


Firework selfie at David Lloyd



I have loved spinning/RPM for years and the David Lloyd studio’s are fantastic.  They offer a range of instructor led and virtual classes with some great banging beats.  Who needs to go raving when you can do it on a bike?



Body Balance

This yoga based class has elements of Tai Chi and Pilates.  I particularly love the meditation at the end.  I can feel the stress busting out of me.  Some days my kids are so noisy that I just want to cry.  Sleep deprivation was once used as a form of torture. Currently they get up in the middle of the night and jump on my head.  I swear this class keeps me grounded and has taught me to just stop and breath.



Personal Trainers 

They have a great team of trainers who have given me some invaluable advice.  I also found a super sports masseuse – Hannah Davidson.  This girl sorts out my knots.  She is a must before a big running event.


Weight Lifting


Feel the burn at body pump

I am already feeling stronger after a few body pump sessions and getting used to the new machines.  This is a really big focus of mine over the next year.  I want to get stronger for my next half marathon.


Free childcare

The club offers classes for kids aged 3 and above – they do arts and crafts and activities. Ideal if you want an hour or two yourself to workout or just sit with a coffee and a magazine.  We all need a bit of me time.

Friendly staff

Everyone is really smiley and helpful.  Positive people and a positive atmosphere are super important for our mental wellness.

Those of you who have followed my journey will be aware that I am an ambassador for running and exercise in general.  Not just for a healthy body but for a healthy mind.  Fitness has to be a lifestyle.  It is not something that we can dip in and out of.  If the body is injury free and able I would say never go 3 days without exercise.  I know myself that I can get seriously edgy if I am sick and unable to train.  We all need goals and we all need to let off some steam.  Oh and they have a nice steam room too.  I heard recently that a hot tub is great for weight loss – they have one of those as well.  Now I just need to work on my homemade Christmas cake and brandy butter addiction #ooops. The little black dress is waiting.

So yes – those who have asked me if I would recommend it – hand on heart absolutely.  For a guest pass in Edinburgh quote mummy jojo. Let me know how you get on.



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