My new style inspiration, love for Edinburgh Gossip Girls and tights fetish

My new style inspiration, love for Edinburgh Gossip Girls and tights fetish

It’s been another non stop weekend.  Lots of lessons learnt which I am about to share with you.  I can hear the hubs downstairs, the kids are running riot and little cheeky Charlie is already asking where Mummy is.  We are not long home from a Christmas market, he is on a sugar high and wants to headbutt me for the 187th time.  I best type quickly.  Writing really is my therapy…….. and breath.


The Dome tree made our 4 year old gasp yet again

The weekend got off to a cracking start with an invite to the exclusive Pink House.  It’s always good to smash those comfort zones.  I was slightly apprehensive heading to a party in my old hood full of people I have never met.  Would those Edinburgh Gossip Girls be as nice face to face as they are online? Or was I destined for an awkward evening hammering belvedere vodka and playing on Instagram?


Beautiful belvedere cocktails in frosty belvedere  glasses

Thankfully all was well.  What a genuinely lovely girl gang and a nice surprise to bang into old faces along with some of my readers I have never met.  I had so many funny and inspiring conversations.  I learnt a lot and I also got taught to make a gorgeous and healthy (ish) pink grapefruit belvedere vodka cocktail from the smiley and rather hot brand ambassador Mateo #bonus.  Pink grapefruit and fresh thyme are a deadly combination. Who knew?

It was amazing to look around The Pink House and get some interior inspiration.   Emily has cracking taste.  Like the ability to hold a tune, when it comes to style and an eye for detail – you really can’t polish a 1 year old’s nappy after a bowl of grans vegetable soup. You either have it or you don’t, it is what it is.


My turquoise shades should really be pink

I am most definitely the type of person who would admit defeat and pay for an interior designer (pity that my hubs middle name is frugal).

This gal puts colours and fabrics together that I wouldn’t dream of and they look amazing.  Just like the beautiful Zadig & Voltaire boots she was running around in (yes please Santa) – her crib is not only super voguish but it’s comfortable.  It’s homely – like a big warm hug. Check out the Pink House beautiful Instagram account for style inspiration.  It’s given me the kick up the butt that I need to inject more colour into our life.

Another lesson from the weekend – all the running, rpm and body pump classes in the world will not rectify my lack of self control around homemade Christmas cake and brandy butter.


Body pump vs Christmas cake

So this week I have some serious work to do.  I was properly inspired by pumpkin brown who provided beautiful and super clean canapes for the event. Nothing like a guilt free palate party.


Last night I made a lovely mango and avocado salsa which I adapted from Nick Nairn.  It goes so well with scallops, prawns, chicken – lean stuff.


It’s super easy and very moreish.  Recipe here.

Whilst the Christmas cake and mince pies with lashings of brandy butter have set me back from the tight velvet dresses – my new tights fetish is easing the blow.  Check out these puppies.  If anything, they help to steer the attention away from my santa abs.

Wish me luck with the clean eating this week….resist the mince pies girl.  That LBD is waiting to be unleashed.



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