Supermoon is a marriage wrecker and a tease

Supermoon is a marriage wrecker and a tease

It’s been a bit bonkers in our house since supermoon showed up.  I am a sleep deprived, mad wife.  I shouted so loud at my husband this morning that I hurt my throat.  He was working from home, at MY dressing table and moaning about the fact I was trying to tidy my clothes away.  He needed peace and quiet.  The dragon in me comes out: ‘well work somewhere else then you ********** rrraaaaaaaaaaar’.  Ouch I may have just burst a vocal chord.  I think I overreacted a little bit there.  The poor guy is working from home so he can come to nursery with me to hear how our little girl is getting on.  I should be grateful he is showing such an interest.  ‘Perfect’ wife starts talking:

What is wrong with you?  Calm down women -if the kids heard that they will be afraid.  You are a bad Mum and a terrible dragon of a wife!

I can’t blame it on PMT so why I am so frustrated and edgy?  Then I remember – last night the biggest and brightest moon our planet has seen since 1948 was out to play. Supermoon – it all makes sense.



I hear my Mum’s voice from back in the days she was a teacher ‘the kid’s have been nuts in class today – it was that full moon last night’.

Research and studies show that any full moon – never mind the great big holy Mama that is supermoon – has the ability to trigger extreme behaviour.  The moon is powerful and it has an impact on our emotional wellness.

Scientists claim that the water in our bodies is affected by the movement of the moon in much the same way as its gravitational pull controls the tides. As the fluid in our body shifts, it tips the balance in our minds, which can trigger intense emotions.  Not only do crime rates increase but so do hospital admissions.  Maybe I am not so bad after all, I mean I only shouted at the husband.  He is not in hospital and I am not in jail.  I do have a very sore throat though.  Thankfully Peppa Pig was on loud or my ‘perfect’ Mum voice of guilt would tell me I have inflicted psychological scars on my children for failing to keep calm and carry on like a perfect wife and mum should.

Supermoon and a full moon are also thought to have an impact on our sleep.  Last night just as we were winding down watching ‘I’m a celebrity get me out of here’, our 1 year old woke.  Nothing we could do would get him back to sleep.  It’s not normally that hard.  He continued to cry for 45 minutes and say ‘I am sleeping with you Mummy, Daddy go to the other bed’.  Oh dear. ‘Perfect’ wife told me I was so bad.

‘How can you allow your little boy to kick that hard working husband of yours out of your marital bed? He likes his bed. It is comfortable.  It is unhealthy for a couple to sleep in separate rooms!’

What a little marriage wrecker he is or is it supermoon?  If that boy wasn’t so cute he might be in trouble.


I can’t even see supermoon because of the clouds.  What a cheek.  All this drama and I can’t even see you in all of your glory. Supermoon you are a tease.

At around 2am our 4 year old runs through and joins us. Rock and roll in our bedroom these days.  I was so tired that I had to tell ‘perfect’ wife to DO ONE.  I did not have the energy to hear anymore crying.  My children are both as determined as I am so shut it ‘perfect’ wife.  They will always win.  I kind of like that about them.  That ‘poor husband’ of mine is getting sent to another room but he gets to sleep alone whilst I have a snoring, wriggly little one year old and now four year old hogging my bed. Santa baby all I want for Christmas is a super king bed.  Sod that – make it large emperor.  Not just any one either – I want this one from The French Bedroom Company. 


Supermoon you shall not defeat me

If my dear husband makes it up the night before ‘John Lewis style’ then I promise he won’t need to get kicked out anymore – ‘there were 4 in the bed but who cares – supermoon 0 – family fraser 4.

So yes – I am a believer in the power of the moon. Supermoon on this occasion you have beaten me. My husband will get over it.  See you in 2034.

*Please note there will be another full moon on December 14th which shall be classed as supermoon. Be prepared people!


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