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John Lewis offending parents to Trump offending the world

John Lewis offending parents to Trump offending the world

Donald Trump, John Lewis, Donald Trump, John Lewis, Donald Trump, John Lewis – my head is SPINNING.  Give me Peppa Pig or Mr tumble any day over all of this.

It’s been an interesting week, it’s been an emotional week.  Love Donald Trump or loath him, the man is powerful and he has had an impact. The business tycoon  wants to improve standards in America and cut costs. There is no denying his passion and determination.  Sadly though for many he is a bad role model.  He lacks Obama’s eloquence and has a reputation for being racists and sexist.  For me, Obama was instantly likeable.  We trust people that we like.  A deadly combination is the ability to be both successful at smashing goals whilst remaining nice.

What can we do though? For one we can hope that the senate will keep Trump under control.  We can hope that he learns that showing respect will have a far greater benefit.

What part can we play in ensuring our future generations grow up to be  respectful, hard working and good people?  We can start at home.  We can be the person we want Trump to be.  We can be the role model and type of person we would have voted for.  One thing is clear from the feedback this week – at the heart of politics it is all about people.


We can also stop taking things so seriously.  To all the haters of the John Lewis advert – come on.  Let’s keep it real here. John Lewis have not spoiled Christmas.  Santa remains real in our home but he ain’t getting all the credit.


The advert is funny, it is lighthearted.  I think that’s what we all need a bit of this week.

Happy Friday,



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