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Ricotta and prawn pasta with lemon and chilli

Ricotta and prawn pasta with lemon and chilli

Ricotta is an excellent source of the minerals calcium and phosphorus, both of which are essential for healthy bones and teeth, plus it’s lower in fat than many other cheeses. Super-creamy ricotta is not an ingredient I use often but it goes well with so many things – especially fresh clean flavours like lemon and basil.


Ricotta cheese recipes

Today the plan was to make a homemade tortellini stuffed with butternut squash and ricotta cheese but, quite frankly  after my 1 year old being up most of the night I couldn’t be bothered.  I will blog the result when I finally get round to doing this (all the ingredients are at the ready).

Instead I needed something super quick and easy.  I threw some prawns in the oven with a little  garlic and lemon oil.  I boiled some pasta (I prefer a decent dry one – I used dry farfalle pasta from Marks on this occasion).


Ricotta cheese farfalle

I heated some vine ripened tomatoes in a small pan and stirred through some torn fresh basil and olive oil.  I then mixed the prawns and tomato mixture into the pasta.  I also threw in a few chargrilled antipasto peppers.  These are super handy to have in the fridge and once opened keep for up to a week.


Ricotta cheese pasta ingredients 

I then seasoned with salt, pepper and stirred through two tablespoons of ricotta cheese and a big squeeze of fresh lemon.

I removed the kids and added some chilli flakes for the adults.

I served this up and added a little more fresh basil and some grated parmesan cheese as we are cheese daft in our family.  It was totally delicious and pretty healthy too #bonus.


Ricotta cheese recipes






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