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My winter 'must have' home comforts

My winter 'must have' home comforts


Winter is the time for comfort, good food, for warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and a talk beside the fire: it is a time for home.

Happy November to you.  We all know that December goes by in a flash, which is why we need to embrace November with open arms.  Here are some ways I am going to do that this year.


Yes, my husband is a lucky guy.  I picked myself up these star PJ’s and winter socks from Marks.  They are super cosy and ideal for a festive movie night with a cup of hot chocolate or a glass of red wine.


Cosy Pj’s and winter socks


This soft luxe fur blanket from Costco is the perfect sofa partner in winter.  At around £15 it is a great investment.  It’s also lovely for when the little ones need extra snuggles due to all those winter bugs. It washes well too.


Great bedding is always an investment.  A good nights rest is proven to be important for our mental health.  These bad boys from John Lewis at 1000 thread count were worth every penny.  The same price for a night out drinking cocktails, as you can imagine I don’t get too many of those at the moment.


Cosy winter bedding

I get my little girl and I a jersey dress each winter.  This one from Marks is super comfy and cosy for the current baltic winter days.


Cosy winter dress

These leggings from Mint Velvet are the talk of the town – I love you Edinburgh Gossip Girls.   They are really thick and super comfy with a nice high waistband.  At £15 they are a total steal – nobody is seeing my pants through these.

Good Food (and warming tipples)

I love a mince pie or ‘Christmas pie’ as our 1 year old calls them.  The kids love them too and they are always best warmed.  On a special occasion a little Chantilly cream on the side is the perfect accompaniment or brandy butter – hello you.  I am still to try some homemade ones but at the moment Tesco finest do super tasty mini mince pies and on the plus they are only 81 calories a pie.  The Christmas LBD can still come out to play afterall.

I went to Valvona & Crolla to pick up a packet as they are apparently amazing.   They won’t be in stock until December.


Winter treats at home

It’s  winter cheeseboard season and this chilli jam is still my favourite which can be picked up from Harvey Nichols chocolate lounge and goes amazingly well with all cheese, parma ham and bread.


Chilli jam for winter cheeseboards

I love roasted butternut squash as the nights draw in.  This recipe goes great as a side dish for a roast dinner, pasta or anything you throw in the oven in a rush.  It is delicious and a winter warmer crowd pleaser.

Clearly it’s red wine season yipeeee. If you fancy a couple of warming winter drinks then you can’t beat a nice tonic water with rhubarb and ginger Edinburgh gin.


Winter treats at home



I love a fire but we live in a new build and this project is on hold until the kids are bigger.  Which means I am floating shelf and candle daft.  I am a huge fan of The White Company candles and have stocked up on their winter versions.




Winter candles

I also love ESPA (they have a new winter pine scent which is lush) and good old classic Yankee candles.


I love creating warmth through the Christmas tree and other festive lighting.  I am also in desperate need of a large santa to give us a big hug.  How good is this?  I am currently begging my husband to get one.  I will post a picture as soon as it happens, he will crumble in the end.

This quote is beautiful in that it saves the best for last.

The touch of a friendly hand

Life is so busy that it can be hard to stop and enjoy what is most important – those we love.  I can’t wait to slow the pace down a little and enjoy  celebrating with family and friends.  I take time to think of those no longer with us that we miss so much.  As we get towards the end of another year it’s important to remember the Christmas message of what matters the most #lovewins.




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    What a lovely list!!! I’m intrigued about that gin!

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