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Roasted butternut squash with chilli, basil and feta

Roasted butternut squash with chilli, basil and feta

I love roasted butternut squash and it is perfect for autumn and all of winter for that matter.  It goes amazingly well with slow roasted meat, as a tapas dish or a simple salad. It can even be served as a side dish with curry or thrown into a risotto.  

All I do is peel the squash and cut into cubes.  I then pile them into a casserole dish and splash over some nice olive oil, salt, pepper and chilli flakes.  If you have plenty time then throw some garlic in too.



Roasted butternut squash

I roast the squash in the oven for 25 minutes at 200 degrees f and then give it a good stir.  I then stick it back in for another 15 minutes.

Crumble the feta on top and tear up some fresh basil leaves.  Add additional chilli if you like a kick.  Serve with anything you fancy and enjoy #yummy


Roasted butternut squash with feta, chilli and basil



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