Halloween 2016 has kicked off with a bang – Edinburgh ghosts

Halloween 2016 has kicked off with a bang – Edinburgh ghosts

Last night I was invited along to the Underground City of the Dead Ghost Tour.  Now I must confess – I have an extremely vivid imagination and I was slightly reluctant to get involved.  A kiddie free night out on the other hand – it would be rude not to. Let’s face it, I am going to be guising with my 4 year old all weekend.  I have stocked up on Edinburgh gin to ease the embarrassment.  The Halloween party pad has hit the dust for a few years – our friends dress up way too scary for the little ones.  

Dave our tour guide was infectiously passionate, that man knows his history and the tales were of the spine tingling variety.  I confess to hugging a couple of strangers as we went deep down into those dark, cold vaults.   I won’t go into too much detail but let’s just say I needed to think about soft fluffy bunny rabbits when I got into bed last night.

After the tour we went for drinks in a cave at Whistle Binkies, housed in the belly of the vaults under South Bridge.  The pub is haunted by The Watcher and The Imp and I have serious respect for the staff  after hearing further spooky chronicles.

Whistle Binkies is one of the six haunted pubs in Edinburgh  that you can visit.  Check out this map here if you would like to plan your spooky fix this weekend.   If you click on each of the bars on the map, you’ll get a little bit of info about their haunted past.

As my kiddie free nights out are precious, I like to do my research.  I have been using the Yelp app to give me the inside scoop on the current best things to do in Edinburgh.  I can’t recommend this app enough.  How will you be spending Halloween 2016?

I will be trying to convince our 1 year old that his big sister is a good witch.  This cute clip shows his sheer fear and devastation.  Just like the fear I felt in those vaults last night.  I also need to talk him into wearing his spooky spider outfit.  It is adorable and his current chat ‘No Mummy, scared of spider’.  Fun times.  Have a fabulously spooky Halloween 2016 peeps x




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