Mummy Jojo & Women’s Running Magazine

Mummy Jojo & Women’s Running Magazine

Goodbye to the sedentary lifestyle – hello healthy me.  Finally I am proud to put my hands up high and say: fitness is no longer a fad.  It is part of my life – exercise is a privilege and not a chore.  Even on the days that, quite frankly, hitting the gym or lacing those running shoes up are low on my agenda. 

Providing I am not injured or sick I get off that sofa and go and find some energy.  I never ever regret it.

My article in Women’s running magazine talks about running being good for the soul.  A couple of months into running and I was literally glowing.  Inside and out.  This is rather ironic as when I started running in January 2015 it was hands down the most challenging moment in my life.  I was grieving because my Dad was really sick and I missed him.  His mind was broken and the doctors had no idea what to do.  On top of this I had just been through an emergency c section with our 2nd baby.  No time to rest – I had two little people under 3 years old who needed me.


Running was my lifeline.  The headspace helped me to be a far more patient and loving Mum.  Those all natural, feel good endorphins kept me feeling grounded.  They helped to ease some of the pain I was feeling from missing my Dad.  Dropping a couple of dress sizes was simply the icing on the cake.


There is no such thing as a bad workout so if you are in doubt give it a shot.  It takes determination to stick to it but once we understand the benefits fully then it is the best motivation to keep going.  Healthy body, healthy mind.  Find something you love and you will be glowing in no time.  Don’t do it for anyone else either – do it for you.  Our bodies are a vehicle not a statue and they are capable of achieving amazing things.  In January 2015 I left to try out running.  The following year I completed my first marathon.


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