Pizza Express – Corstorphine needs you

Pizza Express – Corstorphine needs you

To the management team of Pizza Express/Hony Capital,

There is  still so much talk of why you have not opened a restaurant in Corstorphine, Edinburgh.  That corner plot for sale on St John’s Road has been crying out for you.

You are a family favourite and we all know that happy kids equal happy parents.  Our little people always finish their meal and they just love decorating those hats.

We can be in and out in 40 minutes, our 1 year old boy is not a fan of sitting down for long.  Sometimes we just need a quick Pollo Forza fix (fresh basil works as a great substitute to the parsley btw) or an extra spicy calabrese (charred slightly round the edges).


Pizza express Corstorphine needs you


If we time it with our wee guys nap or the kids are having a ‘good day’ then we can even stay for that delicious honeycomb cream slice or a Caffe Realé – who doesn’t love an expresso served with figs in a cinnamon and white wine spiced syrup with mascarpone?


Pizza Express treats


You are the king of deals which keeps my husband happy.  Arguments over the weekends are always better kept to a minimum.  This life is for living and quite frankly: you have nailed it.

We always drive to Pizza Express – how nice would it be to walk?  For one we would be able to take advantage of the free bottle of prosecco you offer us each year.

Corstorphine is the first village that the airport bus drives through.  It is very near the zoo, it is surrounded by beautiful houses and flats.  It deserves a lot more credit. You are in such demand from us residents and those who live close by.  I just don’t get it?

Massive respect to Mimi’s bakehouse for setting the trend, for listening to the public and coming to Corstorphine.  It is great to  have them so close and as predicted they are ALWAYS busy.  The avocado on toast is fab and my little girl can’t get enough of those Stornoway black pudding rolls.


Avocado toast at Mimi’s – Corstorphine


Let’s not get started on the homemade raspberry chocolate brownies.


Mimi’s Bakehouse Corstorphine


Pizza Express – get involved – Corstorphine aka Corstorfun needs you x


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