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Stop being intimidated – I pigeonholed myself as the 'Mum who is rubbish with hair and the wife who sucks at bed making'.

Stop being intimidated –  I pigeonholed myself as the 'Mum who is rubbish with hair and the wife who sucks at bed making'.

I have two confessions to make.  Up until this week I didn’t know how to do a plait in my daughters hair AND I can’t actually remember the last time I changed our bedding.  I pigeonholed myself as the ‘Mum who is rubbish with hair and the wife who sucks at bed making’.  Let me explain myself.

I always looked at Mum’s who put pretty plaits in their kids hair and felt slightly envious at such talents.  Also -how an earth do they find the time?  I simply concluded: I am not a hair person.  My poor little Bonnie – what a waste of beautiful hair.  Then I actually thought about it.  Why can’t I be a hair person and  have a daughter who goes to school nursery with cute plaits?  Surely it’s not that hard? I asked my sister in law to give me a little lesson over the weekend and guess what?  I love doing plaits now and it turns out they are pretty easy.  It is also a lovely relaxing way to chill out with my little girl, having a wee chat. Plaiting is therapeutic and it looks great.  My Mum used to plait my hair on a Saturday night so I woke up with it curly.  We had some lovely chats and I want to experience the same with my little girl.


My first ever plait at 34 years old

As for the bedding, my husband’s background is running guesthouses and he makes a great bed.  Our normal routine involves him changing the beds every Saturday morning – yes I am a jammy git – the girl did good.  I pigeonholed myself again as the ‘wife with the husband who makes the best beds and way quicker than I ever could’.  This is all good and well but my star of a bed maker currently happens to be in a sling.  I was gearing up for Saturday morning to dust of those useless bed making hands and show him what I am made of.   Then a horrible virus hit our house.  Which meant that yesterday I had 3 sets of bedding to change.  Not ideal whilst experiencing a serious ‘whitey’ and feeling like I had been hit by a bus.  The pressure was real.  He let me into a few guesthouse trade secrets – one being turning the sheets inside out and putting the corners together.    Much better than the way I used to do them before he took over #controlfreak.  It was actually really easy.  I can now make a great looking bed up almost as quickly as he can.  Who knew?  Practice makes perfect and he just had a lot more than me.  Note: I am happy for our bedding routine to return once sling is off.

After I received such great feedback about my ‘Mum’s who make scones’ article, I decided I had to make some changes.  Being in our comfort zone holds us back.  So now I try and mix things up a bit and learn something new each week.  Because when we pigeonhole ourselves we miss opportunities and actually some things are not that hard.  They might even turn into a passion – definitely not the bed sheets but hey check out the lesson I got today?

Why is self hating becoming an epidemic in our nation?  We put others on a pedestal and tell ourselves we can’t do things because we are just ‘not that sort’.  Says who?  Recognise any of these expressions?

I wish I was that musical 

I am just not the sporty type

I buy things in packets – I’m no chef

What do you want to do? We are allowed to have a few passions.  They are good for us.  Is there something you want to learn?  Then why not give it a shot instead of pigeonholing yourself as ‘not that type’.  Let’s become more aware of those critical inner voices and tell them to DO ONE.

Skies the limit baby – just got for it !


Do you have any examples of something you thought was hard but it turned out to be easy?

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