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Online trolls and mental health #glitch

Online trolls and mental health #glitch

When a mental illness hit our family hard it was a serious wake up call.  The mind is complex and it is precious.  World Mental Health Day reminds us to keep talking, sharing and supporting.  We need to wake up and smell that artisan roast. Less of the tough love approach.  Can we not replace ‘pull yourself together’ with ‘I am here for you’? We need to give those living with a mental health issue the same compassion we would to someone with a broken leg.  

We are all guilty of judging too easily, after all there are days it feels like the world is full of assholes. Social media is a breeding ground for the sadists.  Those who get a kick out of hurting people can sit at home alone doing some serious damage.  I am delighted to hear today that new legal guidelines are being put into place to ensure online trolls are prosecuted.

The best advice I ever received was to completely ignore any nasty comments.  Do not rise to it.  Block them and move on.  For every asshole troll there will be hundreds of good souls.  It is the good souls that encourage us to keep working hard.  They are the people who count.

When James Arthur was targeted by online trolls he was coping with anxiety disorder.  As a result he was mentally unequipped to deal with the comments and he struck back.  This is exactly what a troll wants.  They want to get under a persons skin.  They want a reaction. He learnt the hard way and was dropped by his record label. Funnily enough, now he has worked hard and got a well deserved number 1 the labels and media are falling down at his feet.

41.3% of internet users don’t like engaging on the internet at all.  So many will read things without commenting or hitting like, love, laugh etc.  They will discover someone with an amazing voice but refrain from sharing.  If I come across someone who inspires me I want to shout it from the rooftops. Credit where credits due.

It feels great to build each other up.  To show no bitterness.  To spread love. This makes the internet an amazing place. A place full of opportunities.

Trolls have nothing better to do. It unmans them to see people pursuing an artistic talent. They hate to see happy people.  They target those who are vulnerable.

Trolls are bad for our mental health, as is trolling.  Some trolls will suffer from mental health issues themselves and all they are doing is making it worse.  Research shows that being kind and caring for others is way better for our emotional wellbeing.  We all need to vent but the best way to do it is by talking to friends and family.  Go to a yoga class, meditate or have a hot bath. Enjoy a good book.  Do good things for people.  Don’t feed the haters.  #glitch





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