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Scottish Half Marathon – my checklist for the final countdown

Scottish Half Marathon – my checklist for the final countdown


The Scottish Half Marathon is on Sunday – I am getting excited.  It has flown in.  Here is my final checklist so I can (excuse the pun) hit the ground running this weekend.

Socks – I wore these during the marathon in May.  They are so comfortable so I treated myself to another pair – Run 4 it currently do 3 for the price of 2 on all balega socks.


Pants – again these lucky seamless pants were with me on the gruelling 26.2 miles in May.  I got them from Sweaty Betty.


SKINS compression shorts – these bad boys do what they say on the tin and are still my running faves.

‘SKINS are scientifically proven to improve blood flow, helping get more oxygen to your active muscles so you can train harder for longer’.


Playlist – for me a decent playlist can add so much enjoyment to a run.  I have got some feel good, banging tunes ready to go. I just need to remember to fully charge all items needed.  I would recommend Kygo’s latest album – Cloud Nine.  Even better if it is your birthday it has a gorgeous birthday track on it with inspiring lyrics featuring John Legend.

Headphones – the ones with the ear pieces have been annoying me a bit (it can be a hit or a miss) so I have got myself a new pair which will hopefully involve less fidgeting and more focus.



GPS watch – It was my birthday last week and I was sorted out with the new Garmin 220 forerunner with heart monitor.  I am loving having the mile laps – which is encouraging me to pick up the pace and push myself a bit. This will be the first organised run I do with a tracker and I am excited to see if it motivates me and I can get a new PB.  I just need to make sure I have it fully sussed before the weekend.


Goggles  – our bodies aren’t built to achieve optimal fitness through running alone and my 4 top current cross training options are rpm, weights, yoga and swimming.  I was advised to work on my breathing  and get underwater whist swimming which will in turn help my breathing and strength when running. I am now the proud owner of a pair of goggles and so far so good.  I can glide up and down the pool a lot quicker now too.


Sports Massage – I have one booked pre run by one of Edinburgh’s finest who I met through David Lloyd (Hannah Davidson) – I want to run with as little tension as possible.  I am also making use of the kids.



Good nutrition  – I am remembering to make a green juice most mornings to up my nutrients. I always feel totally cleansed after drinking one and my 1 year old can’t get enough of the stuff.  Clearly I won’t be holding off on the good carbs and proteins this week and will be drinking plenty of water.

Vaseline – to put on pre run on any areas needed – bye bye chafing.



Number and safety pins – minimum faff will be needed the morning of the run so I will have my number and pins all sorted and ready to rock.


Treats – something cold in the fridge for later and I am already looking forward to a calabrese 


Good luck everyone #keeponrunning


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