Breaking free from our comfort zone

Breaking free from our comfort zone

I took my baby out of his comfort zone at the weekend.  I left him.  He was with family, just round the corner in a home he loves. He was confused and sad though because I am normally in that home with him too.  Where did Mummy go?


My husband and I had a full night kiddie free.  A very long overdue and much needed night out together on the town. We opened a bottle of champagne at 5pm – a time which is normally utter chaos at home.  We turned Cbeebies off and played our favourite tunes as loud as we wanted.  We toasted to being married for 5 years.  


I spent a whole 15 minutes putting my makeup on – it took about 5 years off of my face.  I even considered taking ID out with us – just in case (wishful thinking). I left the GHD’s lying around with no fear of  any little hands getting sizzled.

We both had a fashion show  – the hubs tried on a few different tops and I tried on a couple of dresses.  I texted friends and family and asked for their opinion.


The taxi arrived too early.  We gloated about having a WHOLE Saturday night to ourselves and we took selfies as we were driven into town.  We drank more cocktails than we needed and talked a whole lot of nonsense.  We hit a club and danced and twerked.  We stayed for ‘just one more drink’ a few times.  Espresso martinis moved onto passion fruit daiquiris and there was even an old school cosmopolitan thrown into the mix.

It was a great night.  A night far from our comfort zone at home in front of the X Factor with the kids tucked up in bed.  I woke a few times throughout the small hours of the morning, wondering if our wee people were ok.  Hoping that they were sleeping and not crying for their Mummy and Daddy.  I smiled when I thought about that gorgeous picture that we got via WhatsApp.  The picture of our babes sleeping together.  I was so proud of our 4 year old for cuddling her little brother to sleep and calming him down when he missed his own bed.  I smiled at the thought of them out of their comfort zone – cuddled up in a big new bed.


As the sun shone bright in the curtains the next morning we looked at each other and laughed.   Clearly we don’t get out much – our heads were spinning.   What time did we get home?  Did we offend anyone?  Great night though, that was a right laugh.

I wanted to see the kids but I had to pull myself together, have a shower and make something to eat first. I took a cup of tea and a sausage sandwich to the hubs in bed and I set off.  I was excited to see my little boy who didn’t understand where I had gone.  To explain to him that I was back.  Across the park he spotted me and he ran fast.  He wrapped his beautiful little arms around me and cried ‘Mummy’.  Then  just like that he was off again kicking the rugby ball with his cousins.  He didn’t need me.  He was just fine. He was taken out of his comfort zone but he had survived.  Box ticked – his first proper sleepover away from home at the tender age of 22 months old.


I felt frazzled that day.  I questioned if it was worth it each time he jumped up and down on my head.



The day dragged on a bit and after the 75th game of ’shops’ and ‘cafes’ I was excited for bedtime.  We all needed a good sleep to recover.



Yes, I may have hurt my little guys feelings.  He is only 1 – he didn’t understand where or why I had gone but he was fine.  He got over it and he calmed down.  He was capable of having fun without me.  It was good and healthy for him to bond with other people who love him.  The experience will have made him that little bit stronger.


It got me thinking about our comfort zones as adults.  Are we too dependent on our routines? They say life begins at the end of our comfort zone.  It can be easy to cling to what we know as it offers perceived safety.  It keeps life simple. Are you a person who runs from the threat of change?  Is there something you really want to do but fear is holding you back?  Are you clinging to the sofa like a baby clings to their Mummy?  Are you missing out on a world of fun and excitement?  Do you want to get fit but you are scared of trying that class your friend said you would love?  Do you want to try a different type of holiday but you are scared it won’t live up to the standards?  Why not just go for it?  If anything it will teach you something.  Do you want to go on that course and see if something great comes out of it?  Is fear holding you back from going for that promotion?  Do you want to go on that date but you are worried it will be a waste of time?  Are you fed up of chicken but worried you don’t know how to cook a good steak? What do you have to lose?

Sometimes we need to just go for it.  Even if it feels safer clinging on to what we know best. Get out of that comfort zone and see what happens.



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