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When you 'unfriend' people on Facebook part 2

When you 'unfriend' people on Facebook  part 2

Hi my old friend,

I have just read the article you wrote  earlier this week.  I am sorry you thought I was harsh by ‘unfriending’ you. You are not in my life anymore though so to be honest I am surprised it bothered you. We have nice memories but time has moved on. If I saw you in the street I would probably look the other way or grab my phone and pretend I hadn’t seen you.  You were clearly in my life for a season and not a lifetime.  

I confess to having stalked your pictures.  I know what your husband and kids look like.  I feel like I know your life but I don’t.  I just liked having a nosy.  I liked seeing what you were up to and what your house looked like.  I liked looking through your pictures every now and again if I was bored.  Sometimes I would smile to myself about one of the outfits you were wearing or a new hairstyle (some nice and some not so).


That dress was a bad move – WHAT was she thinking?

I used social media to snoop on people.  Why would I comment or hit like?  I can’t be bothered with that nor do I have the time. 

Yes we had fun and lots of it. Those days are gone though and I have moved on.  So I decided to delete you and many others from social media.  I felt like a hypocrite because we are not close anymore so why should I see intimate details of your life?

When I had my 2nd baby I decided to delete people who are no longer in my life.  I was fed up of everyone putting so much focus on facebook.  People have got so lazy these days – I don’t get a party invite if I am not on facebook.  People forget my birthday because they weren’t online for a facebook reminder!!!  What a joke.

I am pretty skint these days so I got sick of seeing all those exotic holiday updates and all those toned bodies.  I had two c sections – go figure.

I may change my mind but right now that is where I am at.  You will think I am turning a bit bitter as the years go on – call me a cynic but we are all different.  That’s what keeps the world exciting right?  Take care.  I will always be your old friend, just not your ‘facebook’ one 🙂






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