When you ‘unfriend’ people on facebook because you think they no longer care

‘I am having a facebook cull and keeping only those who are actually my real friends’.

Ouch that was harsh – with the click of a button you are telling me that you are happy to cut ties. Quite frankly you just don’t really care. We may not speak often but I was still interested.  I liked seeing what you were up to.  If you were to be hit by a bus I would want to know.  I would be upset.

Life is busy, we may not see each other now but I loved the fact that social media kept me updated.  I loved the pictures of you having a baby and I loved seeing you go on that exotic holiday.  It would be so nice to bump into you and be able to talk about the things I have seen you do over the past 10 years.  I am happy for you.

You see, life goes so fast and it can get all too busy but at one point you were a huge part of my life.  We had fun. You are part of my memories and somewhere inside you had an impact.  I can’t remember all the details of the past but I know that you made me laugh and you taught me something.


Social media allowed me to keep you in my life. You were probably unaware of this as I am sure I missed many posts and perhaps if I had ‘liked’ or even ‘loved’ your posts more you wouldn’t have clicked that button.  I’m sorry if you took that personally.  I just don’t have time to comment on everything and there may have been big moments I missed.  I am sorry I forget to wish you happy birthday a while back.  I was up North with no signal. I am sorry I didn’t hit ‘love’ when you posted you were going to have another baby.  I missed those posts because it was a busy week. It was a lovely surprise to see the bump pictures a couple of months later.

I clicked on your profile recently to see if you had the baby.  We are no longer friends.  You had cleared out the ‘facebook  friends’ you are no longer in close contact with.  I understand that. For me though, seeing you on social media every now again made me smile and remember the days you were in my life.  The days before you moved away.


Maybe someday we will meet again but it’s unlikely it will be on facebook or instagram. You will probably feel ‘totes awkward’ that you clicked ‘unfriend’ but it is ok.  I understand.  I just wanted you to know that I did care and I was interested. Even if I didn’t always show it x



  1. Aww, that’s sad. Just friend request them again!! No, seriously I suppose you don’t really think how people feel when you cut ties with them be it on social media or real life. I very rarely ‘like’ and ‘love’ pictures etc, but like you say – life is busy. An interesting read; I am glad I clicked.

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  2. Aww if she means a lot to you, I hope you reach out to her in person 🙂 same thing happened to me – I just spent a significantly less time online and people thought I disappeared off the face of the earth when really I just didn’t care to invest so much time on Facebook.
    Social media does cause strange riffs in relationships in general. You might like my post on why I use a fake name n Facebook here at alongcamekatrina.com

    Thanks for sharing!

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  3. I hate it when people “clear out their facebook” … particularly when they were the ones who added me in the first place! Hard not to take it as a personal criticism 😛

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  4. Such a sweet, moving post. I’ve been that person, unfriending people I really don’t associate with (though, not friends, just acquaintances!) Social media IS a funny thing. It’s so easy to maintain this wall of “not personal.” You know? But I agree with the other commenters – if they mean a lot, don’t let the unfriending happen! 😉

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