What every desperate parent needs

What every desperate parent needs

Parenting makes us desperate and these things would make our life SO much easier.  I am confused as to why they are not on tap?




Drive through coffee shops

Can you imagine getting your coffee fix without having to get the kids out of the car? If you have been up most of the night then you could even jump in the car in pj’s.  If the wee people are napping – no biggie.  I honestly had no idea how handy this would be.  Until I heard about one this week and gave it a try. They even sell Calippo’s.


There have been so many missed caffeine craving fixes over the years due to the thought of disturbing a nap or my sheer hopelessness at the thought of another car seat drama. Surely at least 90% of parents love coffee?




Drive through post offices

A job I always put off for weeks on end – I am so thankful for Moonpig.  Why are they always in the most awkward places? as for standing in the queues holding packages and a fidgeting 1 year old – no thanks.


Restaurants with a manned soft play

Ah to be able to finish a meal while it’s still warm and to eat it slowly – maybe even with a glass of wine.


Shops without those horrible coin trolleys 

I now avoid supermarkets that make you put a coin in the trolley – a real shame as one of those places does great meat.  You can imagine my face as my radge of a son is running towards the busy road full of cars as I frantically search for a £1 coin. I have been touched by the good in others – people who get it and have been there.  A fellow Mum ran up to me one morning and thrust a coin in my hand.  She wanted to make it as quick and easy for me as possible.  Then another afternoon a man out with his grandson helped me back to the car and then gave me a £1 and took my trolley back.  By that point I was so desperate to get home I was going to abandon the trolley and forget the money (even though this would be going against our Scottish nature- 5p bags are bad enough never mind £1 for the freaking trolley).



Shop changing rooms with playpens

Each time I take my 1 year old into a shop changing room I regret it – what was I thinking? I should just wear yet again the same black dress out at the weekend because the shopping drama is SO not worth it.  Imagine being able to try on a few outfits whilst the little ones played around in a pen full of exciting new toys?  Bliss.  My 1 year old has been known to run in to other people’s changing rooms at the worst moments #awkward

As a parent I am desperate.  Desperate to make shopping easier.  Desperate to be able to just sit for a minute.  Desperate not to have to wait in queues.  Desperate for coffee. Desperate for wine.  On that note – drive through wine shops too please.  I drove past my favourite wine shop last night  but guess what? The wee guy was sleeping.  Gin and tonic it is tonight then 🙂





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