Scottish half marathon training and why I never say ‘I feel fat’ in front of my kids

Scottish half marathon training and why I never say ‘I feel fat’ in front of my kids

When we don’t run or exercise we can feel grumpy, sluggish and less with it mentally. Being happy should be our ultimate goal – running and keeping active is something that makes me happy. We should never take the ability to work out for granted.  I am recovering from a virus and I really missed my fitness.  It made me think of those with injuries or serious illnesses.  Even on the days I don’t feel like it, I feel happy once I have been and any tension I am holding is released. If I can’t control my hands and they reach for that extra bit of cheese or chocolate then I feel way less guilty.  If I am stressed then instead of a good cry, a good run will do the job.  So when people asked me after the marathon if I would keep up the running my answer was ‘of course’.  I signed up for the Scottish Half shortly after.  It’s great to have goals to keep running exciting.


For the Scottish half my goal is to get a new PB, to feel stronger and to get a bit more weight off.  I will enjoy the event all the more if I can do this.  After losing my big toenail recently, from all those miles I clocked up, I am currently running a bit less and cross training more.  I am embracing the weights to build muscle and strength.  I am enjoying RPM classes which push me to my limit – I swear these classes make hill running sessions easier.  Yoga and body balance is also a runners best friend.

I have lost a fair amount of my baby weight since I started running.  Why is the last part always the hardest?  I was standing in front of the mirror the other day and I was about to shout ‘I just want to have smaller boobs and less of a mummy tummy’.  I then realised that my 3 year old daughter was onto my every move – she just loves to watch me getting ready.



I am her role model – what pressure.  She said ‘Mummy you look very beautiful in that dress’.  I gave her a big hug and thanked her.  Kids take everything in.  I am aware that I need to be so careful about what I teach them.  I don’t want them to think their self worth will be measured by the inches around their waist.  I don’t want them to be a slave to diets. Being a foodie makes for a happy life as does enjoying physical activity.  My little girl comes running with me sometimes. This wee clip shows just how much she enjoys it when I include her.  I often look at parents running with their kids at a park run and hope that will be me one day when the kids are a bit older.  My heart melts a bit when I see kids running whilst holding their parents hands.

My ultimate motivation for running is for the sense of freedom and accomplishment.  I focus on the miles I have covered over the years, not the calories I have burned.  It’s about what my body has been able to achieve, how much fitter I feel and the hours I can keep going.  I know that my body is capable of running for over 5 hours – that is amazing.  That makes me feel more confident within myself even if my body is not currently what the media would call perfect.  I am still capable of feeling sexy when I get my heels on.  It is my job to make sure my kids know that beauty comes in so many different ways and that confidence is one of the most attractive qualities that we can possess.  Confidence and working hard at something we can take pride in.  On that note I am off to get some more training in so I can give this half my best shot #keeponrunning






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