My passion for Passorn – Thai food that gets me excited

My passion for Passorn – Thai food that gets me excited

I love Thai food. I enjoyed top notch meals whilst travelling around Thailand so it may be surprising to hear that some of my most memorable Thai dishes are from Passorn restaurant in Edinburgh. Yesterday I tried out their new Brasserie restaurant in town and I am pleased to say it didn’t disappoint.


Heels and LBD on – let’s do this


It was great to see my friend sitting waiting for me with a delicious cocktail in hand  – we both have two kids ages 3 and under so we need our drinks strong.  The old school cosmopolitan had the perfect amount of lime for me.  A great way to get the palate ready for my Asian adventure.


We decided to share 2 starters between 3  of us.  Big mistake – the dishes were way too good.  We ordered the crispy sea bass salad, which I confess to having ordered the last time I was there.  One word, which is the meaning for Passorn, angelic.  I could easily have eaten 2 portions.  The spice was spot on and it was light, tangy and refreshing.


Crispy Sea bass salad 

We also had a classic chicken satay which ticked the boxes – tender chicken and moreish sauces to go with it.  I just love a good dip.


I went for the Angel curry (extra spicy) with my steak medium rare and shared a coconut rice.  The sauce was beyond tasty and the steak melted in my mouth.


The girls also had an angel curry and a chicken and cashew stir fry with noddles. Everything was fresh and bursting with flavour – a perfect fusion of both classic and contemporary Thai cooking.



The restaurant has relaxed vibes and the team were friendly and super efficient.


I have eaten in Passorn around 6 times now and the food remains of a consistently high quality.  A pet hate of mine is going out for a kiddie free meal and it being a disappointment.  When we go out as a family it is often rushed (unless a little person is sleeping).  We take it in turns to run after our adorable but super cheeky 1 year old.

Enjoying a meal kiddie free, I love to be able to sit and appreciate all the effort that has gone into the cooking.  There is nothing worse than thinking ‘I could have made this so much better myself.  Going to Passorn excites me and I am still hoping they open up on St John’s Road in the not too distant future.

We topped off our chilled out afternoon with a couple of mind blowing (in more ways than one) cocktails and some Tabasco popcorn in the hidden gem that is Panda and Sons.  I can think of a lot worse ways to spend a Saturday afternoon.




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