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Is it actually Monday again already? Last weeks food diary

Is it actually Monday again already? Last weeks food diary

26th June – 2nd July

My mission for last week based on the previous food diary

  • less alcohol
  • less dark chocolate
  • less biscuits
  • even more vegetables
  • some new recipes


Breakfast – poached eggs and wholemeal toast

Snacks – cappuccino

Lunch – ham and pineapple thin pizza – 3 slices, strawberries and a tiny splash of cream

Dinner – thai green chicken curry with steamed rice and a small bit of naan


I add extra chilli on top once I have served the kids.  I like to make my own curry paste where possible but with limited time used this one and added coconut milk.


It suggests adding extra sugar and fish sauce but I would hold off on the sugar.  The beauty of a curry like this is that you can use as many vegetables as you like or have lying around the house.

Exercise – a 20 minute steep hill walk up Edinburgh zoo with the pram and buggy board, a 5k run and 15 minutes of light swimming.



Breakfast – peanut butter on wholemeal toast

Snack – cappuccino

Lunch – tortilla pizza with tomato sauce, asparagus, chilli, olives, parma ham, an egg and rocket




Cajun chicken wraps with peppers, tomatoes and onions – a little homemade guacamole and sour cream



Exercise – RPM class (45 mins) and a 20 minute cool down swim


Breakfast -smoked salmon pate on  a slice of wholemeal toast

Lunch – Grandad Dave’s homemade yellow split pea and vegetable soup



Snacks – breadsticks – these are my current fave and you can buy them in a 6 pack at Costco – BOOM


Dinner – Grandad Dave’s homemade chicken madras curry – can you tell I love a Tuesday?


Yum and low fat

Snack – chicken liver pate and crackers – this was not on the plan for a Tuesday but my 3 year old was begging for some at supper and I caved.  It was a gift from my friend – a really tasty, luxurious, smooth and silky one.  It was calling my name from the fridge and it didn’t last long! Thanks Camilla x

Exercise – a 5k run including hill running – pate was deserved?  Check out this hill –



Breakfast – my kinda bacon and eggs (poached egg, parma ham and asparagus baked with a drizzle of lemon oil)


Lunch – Gran Violets vegetable and lentil soup and half a twix (my Dad always insists he gives me half which still makes my heart melt a little). I ditched the bread so I could have the twix.

Dinner – pork marinated in soya and garlic and stir fried with a drizzle of honey, quinoa and roasted vegetables and asparagus


Again this is a dish that you can cram as many vegetables into as possible.  I was informed by a personal trainer that as a runner I need lots of green vegetables.



Exercise – An hour yoga class and a cool down swim


Breakfast – mini pancake and a cup of tea

Lunch – mushroom stuffed with fresh basil, chilli, pesto and goats cheese and 3 small slices of pizza


I had planned to make a healthy spiced tomato and lentil soup but ran out of time after a busy morning so a pizza was thrown in the oven for my friend and I with extra fresh chilli added on top.  We also had a couple of Quality Streets after my friends little girl opened the box – YUM! Why does coffee taste so good with chocolate?



Dinner – thai curry with chicken, asparagus and peppers, steamed rice and a small piece of nann


Our curry paste is pretty much finished so we will take a break from thai for a couple of weeks.

Exercise – 8K run


Breakfast – smoked salmon and poached eggs



Lunch – kids party food (sandwiches, a few chips)

Dinner – I had dinner out with friends which included prawns,  ribeye steak, wine and a few cocktails

Exercise – chasing a 1 year old around the zoo for 4 hours with no pram


Breakfast – fruit salad, fresh OJ and a cup of tea



At a kids birthday party I then enjoyed half a scrambled egg roll (they had bacon and sausage but I figured egg would be the healthiest option) and a cracking cappuccino – thanks Jenn’s Den.



Lunch – We were out at Galvin Brasserie de Luxe.  I chose pretty healthy options that I still love – Oysters and duck salad.  Both were beautiful.


As the carbs were low at lunch I treated myself to a few of my favourite cocktails – passion fruit daiquiris.  Later on that day the hubs and I shared a fish supper with extra Edinburgh’s finest brown sauce #tasty and we had a couple of glasses of fizz once the kids were asleep.

At the end of the week I look over what I have had and judge it as a personal trainer would:

  • Pizza is quick and easy but I need to stop buying it as much.  It worked with the dark chocolate.  If I have it in the house I don’t have the self control
  • I am trying to cut down on the booze but at the same time if I have plans I want to enjoy them. I was home by 1130pm on Friday night and didn’t go too nuts.  Saturday is our treat day so it will mostly include some form of booze
  • Too many biscuits and chocolates


I am considering trialing out the 5:2 approach.  I have the book and will be doing my research this week.  I will keep you posted.  I got this book just before I fell pregnant with our 2nd baby.  What interests me about the 5:2 lifestyle is that, along with weight loss, it is meant to be great for having positive preventative effects on cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s and diabetes.   If you have been following my blog you will be aware than I am trying to drop some more weight before my half marathon in September to work on speed.  Anything that is positive for our mental health is also a huge winner for me.  If fasting is good for our brains then I am intrigued #watchthisspace





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