Reviews, downpours and why we all need to declutter

Reviews, downpours and why we all need to declutter

It’s been a cram packed weekend – what is with the random downpours Edinburgh? I have had lots of fun and learnt a few lessons along the way.  Parenting lessons:

√ Always check the pram is in the boot


A party at the zoo that lasts over 3 hours  – with no pram for 1 year old #epicfail

√ Pack a raincoat for myself and not just the kids #drownedrat

√ Spending time with just 1 child where possible is important – on Saturday morning I had some lovely girl time with Bonnie.  Going to a birthday party with her felt far too easy with no 1 year old to run after constantly. It was really lovely to be able to focus fully on her.  I love seeing how much Bonnie loves her friends and the bond that she has formed with her nursery group.

√ You can’t put a price on decent coffee – Jenn’s Den is always a winner


Enjoying a fab coffee @Jenn’s Den with no 1 year old to run after


√ Hide and seek is a great excuse for a cuddle


When it comes to the adult stuff –

√ Book a restaurant in advance that has been recommended or has good reviews – there are some great ones out there.  I had a nice time out with friends on Friday but we were unprepared with our venue selection and as a result had a pretty disappointing meal.  We will forget about that though as the banter was on tap.


As a serious foodie I was thankful things were turned around on Saturday. Scott and I enjoyed a lovely meal out together at Galvin Brasserie de Luxe that the kids got him as a Father’s Day gift (great taste – thanks itison). The restaurant and toilets (I always check the toilets before doing a review) were in top nick.


The service was fast, friendly and I always think it’s a great sign when they bring you warm bread and decent quality butter or oil early on.  The drinks were ice cold and the glasses were sparkling.


I love oysters.  The ones at Galvin Brasserie de Luxe were delicious and prepared just as I like them.  They slid off their shells which were super clean and smooth.


The taste of the sea

I then enjoyed a duck salad which was cooked to perfection.  Scott went for the lobster – juicy, fresh and perfectly seasoned.


It was great to have a couple of hours to catch up without the kids.

√ Passion fruit daiquiris are never a disappointment.

13599036_10157111219485072_2051880073_n (1)

It’s not just tequila that makes you happy

√ Pack an umbrella when out for a kiddie free arvo  – where has summer gone? #drownedrattake2

√ Know when it’s time to have a wardrobe clear out.  I tried on so many outfits before I went out on Friday and Saturday and it hit me that a lot of the stuff I have been hoarding needs to go.  Holding on to tiny dresses from 10 years ago just makes me feel rubbish.  My taste has also changed over the years.  I am delighted I can now fit into some of my pre kiddie clothes but I also need to make room for some new ones.   They say that a house with less clutter is good for our minds and I did feel a lot better once I had given our bedroom a good going over.  There is something really satisfying about letting things go.  I think its important to break it down.  There are drawers I need to tackle in the house, shelves and boxes.  I am fine with that if I know I can spread it out and do it in stages.  It also feels great to give to charity or friends and family.  Pass on a book you have read that you enjoyed to someone.  Who knows you might even find something you have been looking for.


I came across an old dress I wore the week before we got married in 2011 – great to know it still fits.


After a productive Sunday morning decluttering and filling charity bags it was time to get out the house.  We can’t get enough of pizza express.  It is always the same – quick, tasty and fresh.  The kids shared a chicken pizza and Scott and I shared a calabrese.  Sharing one works out to be around 650 calories each so it’s nothing to get too worried about, especially on a Sunday afternoon.

We were in and out in about 45 minutes which is more than enough with our cheeky Charlie.  In typical Pizza Express style we had a deal – 30% off the bill.  What is not to love? If one opens up on St John’s Road as I have requested it will always be busy.

All in all a top few days.  I am going to try my best to learn from my mistakes and keep up with my decluttering projects, wish me luck x





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