Post Brexit stress dangers

Post Brexit stress dangers

Anger and fear are intense emotions that we have to live with.  These emotions can contribute towards anxiety. I feel like this week there are a lot of sad faces and PMT symptoms on display (men included).  I was at the supermarket with the kids the other day. My 1 year old, with his notorious cheeky and infectious smile, always says ‘hello’ or ‘hiya’ to everyone we pass.  It felt like this week he had less of a response.  I even saw a couple of people glare at him or ignore him. I tried not to take it personally. It is so much easier to forget our manners when we are stressed.   People are agitated and angry.  


How can you glare at a face like this?

Managing  our feelings can make a  huge difference to how we adjust to whatever the post-Brexit reality brings. Unpredictability is now normal.  With Trainspotting 2 being filmed the expression ‘Choose Life’ keeps running though my mind. Now as much as any time, we need to choose to support each other.  What else can we do to keep calm and carry on?

We need to remember that it’s okay for others to have different opinions.  The reality is that there is no right or wrong answer.  It will always be down to a matter of opinion – getting angry about the fact we all think differently will make things worse.

We need to take a step back.  Why not book a massage or try a yoga class – this kind of thing can be better than a visit to the GP – we need time to zone out of a hectic life.  I was driving home from yoga last night listening to this funky tune and I felt like any stress from my day had been physically lifted from me.  I almost fell asleep at the end when we were meditating.


My 3 year old is still better at yoga than me

We need to switch off; news is now available 24hrs a day and so much exposure to uncertainty can be stressful, though it’s important to stay informed, be aware of how it is making you feel and limit yourself to how many times you check for updates.

If you feel rising levels of anxiety take a break before things get out of control. Keep an eye out for your friends and family who may be struggling.

Remember to just breath x




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