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Family food diary – week 2

Family food diary – week 2

Last week I started off with some healthy new habits.  They included –

Cooking with quinoa

Increasing our vegetable intake

Eating healthier snacks

Already this week I am tempted to get back into old habits.  I am going to try my best to get organised and keep at it. We are bombarded with information on the best foods to eat, foods to avoid, foods to have in moderation – there are so many opinions that I often find myself in a complete head spin.  For me the key is being organised but often life gets in the way.  When I am not organised I slip up.   My life is also full of temptations – play date biscuits, Fathers day cake and don’t get me started on my love for Lindt dark chocolate bars infused with the likes of lime or caramel and a touch of sea salt.  Then there is always the temptation of wine – especially after days I feel like pulling my  hair out.  So here we go, wish me luck!

19th – 25th June


Breakfast – bacon rolls and cups of tea with the girls

Lunch – cheeseburger from McDonalds and small fries with bbq sauce  (Father’s Day and a mild hangover – we will let it slide)

Snacks – cup of tea and slice of lemon drizzle cake (would be rude not to on Father’s day)

Dinner – Stuffed vine leaves from Waitrose Deli snacks and a few slices of thin and crispy pizza (pizza express supermarket selection).

Exercise – Rest day – does running around after the kids count?


Breakfast – 2 small pancakes and a cup of tea

Snack – slices of orange and a coffee

Lunch – water biscuits and hummus and a slice of lean smoked bacon (my 3 year old wanted a finger roll for lunch and I had leftover bacon to use).  Already  I see a pattern here – Monday lunches are not very organised.  I need to sort this.

Snack – coffee and a square (OK 2 squares – it was far too tasty) of dark chocolate with caramel and a touch of sea salt. I can’t have this lying around the house!


Mental note to cut down on buying this

Dinner – spicy king prawns stir fried with Thai basil and green beans, baked feta with tomatoes and stuffed vine leaves.  The kids loved the prawns.  I thought they would find them too spicy so had made some good old pesto pasta for them instead.

The prawn dish was made using what I had left in the fridge.  I put in some hot fresh tomato salsa, a dash of  white wine, some chilli, garlic, fresh ginger and shallots.  I added some green beans and a few nuts for extra protein and crunch.  The baked feta was probably unnecessary but it had to be used and I was worried the hubs would still be hungry.


Exercise – 45 minute rpm class and light swimming to cool down after it

Post workout snack – a water cracker with a tablespoon of sundried tomato hummus


Breakfast -orange segments and poached eggs and wholemeal toast

Lunch – Grandad Dave’s vegetable soup and a slice of wholemeal bread

Snack – cappuccino and a mini Cadbury’s flake

Dinner – Grandad Dave’s homemade pizza.  His super tasty creations are on a light, thin base and loaded with vegetables, lean meat (chicken) and low on cheese

Exercise – 5k run, 1k rowing machine and 15 minutes of swimming


Breakfast – peanut butter on wholemeal toast – we had an early leave so needed something quick and easy


Peanut butter face

Lunch – Gran Violet’s homemade vegetable and lentil soup with a slice of wholemeal bread and butter


Snacks – at a playdate I enjoyed a shortbread biscuit and a cup of coffee


Dinner – chicken and vegetable thai green curry with steamed rice.  I crammed the vegetables into this dish – courgette, red pepper, shallots, green beans and sweet potato. The kids were having this also so I added extra chill at the end.


Ready to simmer away on the hob

Exercise – a brisk uphill walk with the kids


Breakfast – banana, chia seed and peanut butter smoothie with soya milk

Snacks – strawberries

Lunch – tortilla wrap made pizza style in the oven with fresh tomatoes, grated cheese, olives and an egg cracked in the middle.  Bonnie loves making these.


Snacks – grated carrot with pistachio nuts, square of that epic dark chocolate

Dinner – stuffed pasta with fresh homemade tomato and basil sauce, chilli flakes and fresh Parmesan


Exercise – 45 minute yoga class and 30 minutes of swimming

Snack – water biscuit and a spoonful of lemon and corriander hummus


Breakfast – poached eggs, beans, a lean pork sausage and a crumpet

Lunch – tuna, cheese melt open sandwich with one piece of wholemeal bread

Snack – cappuccino and a square of dark chocolate


You are far too tasty!!

Dinner – aberdeen angus cheeseburger with caramalised onions and homemade chips baked in the oven. I only had half a bun with the burger.


The kids and I also enjoyed a couple of glasses of this stuff towards the end of the week to mix it up a bit.

Wine – 4 glasses out with friends


Breakfast -glass of fresh oj, cup of tea, 2 lean sausages,  two tablespoons of baked beans and 1 poached egg

Lunch – roast chicken, salad and tomato and rosemary focaccia


Snacks – a slice of birthday cake – my friend is a top baker


Dinner – you can find the recipe for this in last weeks food diary.  My husband did it flawlessly –  the chicken was crispy and the sauce was amazing.  His homemade egg fried rice was bang on.  Some takeaway versions can be too greasy.


Great work Mr  Fraser

Snacks – 4 glasses of champagne – does the fruit count as one of my 5 a day? a handful of crisps


Exercise – 20 minutes of swimming (we went as a family and the hubs and I took turns)

Not the greatest week.  I felt a bit less organised  so I am going to try and get myself in gear for next week.  Overall I tried to keep my vegetable intake up.  With drinks on Friday AND Saturday night I went over my alcohol limit for the week which adds empty calories.  I did have a great weekend though and it is about balance.  Normally if I am enjoying alcohol on Saturday I try and avoid on Friday night.  This ensures  I get up feeling great and I go for a good morning run.  This also helps me when it comes to Saturday night treats.  I need to get back into that routine.  Things to work on for next week –

Portion control

Less alcohol

Less cheese

Not buying any Lindt dark chocolate

Keep up the vegetables

Some tasty new, low calorie recipes




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      Thanks, trying my best to work on some new recipes !! xx

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