Thoughts on our Edinburgh Zoo family membership

Thoughts on our Edinburgh Zoo family membership

There’s no place like home.  I love my home comforts: our coffee machine, books and magazines, comfy sofas, all the kids toys, and (mostly) WiFi on tap.  Like anything in life though it is about balance.  If I am at home too long I start to get cabin fever – especially with two young kids climbing the walls. These days my 1 year old brings me his shoes at 730am before I have even had a cup of tea and says ‘door, ball’.  He just loves to be in the garden playing football.  He needs to explore.


By Sunday morning my husband and I often start to get narky with each other. I have my ways, he has his.  I find his time keeping  and ability to stick to plans pretty shocking – any routine goes out the window over the weekend.  He gets frustrated by the fact I am not as tidy as him.  Our 3 year old controls the remote way too much for my liking – whoever shouts the loudest they say.


This is my tv Mum – go and do the dishes!


After breakfast and the dishes (yes my 3 year old has been known to grab the remote off me whilst shouting  ‘do the dishes’) I am normally desperate to get us  all out.  Some fresh air and a change of scenery is always good.

Edinburgh zoo is a short drive from our house.  The kids love animals and our 1 year old is always mesmerized.

When we are at the zoo any rows Bonnie and I have over the remote or her sneaking stickers on the wall are long forgotten.  My husband doesn’t have ironing, dusting or gardening to get worked up about.  I am free from my lists, constant planning and phone apps.


My little girl takes my hand and we run around together, being daft and making monkey noises. We don’t do stuff like that at home as much as I am often trying to tick things off my list whilst dishing out snacks or crayons and paper as entertainment.



The parks in the zoo have lovely views across the city and there are lots of lovely picnic spots.  They also sell coffee which is handy, especially for those days our teething 1 year old has been up throughout the night.

The hills with a pram and buggy board are a great workout.  Especially if you are going up to the top to see the Lions, Tigers and Zebras.

I find it really relaxing watching the animals and it calms the kids down also.  Sometimes just watching the monkeys jump around puts everything into perspective.  They live such a simple but happy life.

We went for the family zoo membership which is £141 for the year.  This includes entry for my husband, our 3 year old and I.  Children under 3 are free which is a huge bonus as our 1 year old loves our trips to the zoo.  Our pass also includes car parking for the year which is super handy on the days that we time it well and get right next to the members gate.


For me the zoo offers a calming environment where our family can chill out together.  It is also extremely educational for the kids and it is great to see then having fun and learning at the same time.  With the summer holidays coming up it is also handy that we will be able to meet a lot of our friends there.  The Edinburgh zoo is most definitely on my rate list and a place that I enjoy creating many happy memories.  For the days it is harder to smile, like Friday past (bye bye EU sob) a penguin waddle always does the trick for me x




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