The blame culture – is our kingdom really united?

The blame culture – is our kingdom really united?

There was a lot of uncertainty on social media yesterday.  Many didn’t know which way to go.  We live in such a fast paced world and sometimes when I stick the TV on late at night I don’t have the energy to listen to all the shouting.   I want to ensure I am keeping up to date with current affairs so I can place a vote I genuinely believe in. I struggle at times though as I find it really tiring watching our leaders fighting.  It drains me.  Too often the United Kingdom doesn’t feel that united.  We live in a blame culture.

My gut feeling was that of course we stick together.  We remain united with other nations – we are ‘better together’.  Not just because of the trading implications and strength in numbers.  Nor because of consumer clout or power to curb the multinationals.  I thought we were a team.  Last night my husband felt compelled to get our 3 year old to help him place his vote.  After a simple explanation our daughter said ‘we must stay together’.  Children don’t sweat the small stuff and have an amazing ability to focus on what really matters.

Today there is a lot of certainty all over social media.  People are sure our nation made the wrong choice.  What’s done is done – we live in a democratic country and we need to accept that this is what the majority voted.  Why?  This is what I now need to make time to try and get my head around.  I have a lot of questions that need answered.  Already promises that have been made are in doubt.  There is a lot of anger and hatred.  When we are afraid or disappointed we need someone to blame.  I am guilty for being upset that Scotland’s voice seems insignificant.  I have no right to be because I voted that we stay as part of the UK, just as I voted we remain in the EU.  Some are blaming the % of the Scottish population that didn’t vote – they could have made a difference. Many are blaming England, or the older generation, poor leadership, poor campaigns – someone needs to be blamed.  That is human nature isn’t it?  Passing the blame over makes us feel so much better.

The other day our son cut his lip and we don’t know why.  My husband and I started blaming each other and it just made a bad situation so much worse.  When we are blamed we get upset and defensive.

‘Let the person who is without sin cast the first stone’

John 8:7

When we blame people we are not taking responsibility for things.  When I really think about it blaming people wastes time and creates negative feelings.  It hinders creativity and holds us back.  Already I am feeling less productive and eager  to escape the news and pour a large glass of wine.  So I am going to give myself a shake.  I am alive, I have my health, my family and friends and a roof over my head.  I will shake it off and be thankful I had the right to vote yesterday, even if the outcome wasn’t what I expected.


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