Flower crowns, independent women and a kiddie free house

Flower crowns, independent women and a kiddie free house

Normally if I have some kiddie free time it involves me leaving the house.  Last weekend it was a very rare occasion – the  kids were away for the night.  I had the house ALL TO MYSELF to enjoy with a few friends. What would I do?


Hubs and kids getting packed up


The sun started beating down just as they were getting packed off to go.  I felt a little pang of guilt as I watched them leave but at the same time I was quite excited.  The house would become completely zen like.  It was all about adult chat, adult music, adult food and drinks.  No interruptions.  I could put candles on without panicking.


I could leave drinks lying around without the fear of my little lad throwing them everywhere.  Knifes could lie out on the chopping board next to limes.  My juicer would now be used for exotic cocktails instead of banana milkshakes.


I would be able to cook without my 1 year old pulling on my legs.  What a total treat.


It was so lovely being able to sit in the sun and relax.  I didn’t have to think about applying sun cream on the kids or worry about Charlie putting stones in his mouth or falling off the trampoline.  I was able to give my friends my full attention.  I could get involved in a conversation without it being interrupted.  These things sound so simple but I fully took them for granted before I became a Mum.

I splashed around in the paddling pool and just focused on having a laugh.  Each hour flew by.  I didn’t have to think about the kids bath time or bed routine.

There was also some pretty amazing flower crown making going on. I feel proud to have such talented and creative friends.  It is very inspiring to see how hard they work at their passions.  On a rare kiddie free night off, the talented Lissy Lamb was  focused and on a mission to keep up with her very much in demand crowns.  She is going to be at a number of festivals show casing her beautiful creations including T  in the park next month.


The ‘Bonnie’ crown named after my little girl




Charlotte crowns


We are living in an exciting era where women are not afraid to embrace their passions and work hard at them.  I am always  inspired when I see people just going for it.  All talk no action frustrates me.  We are all guilty of this, especially after a few drinks.  I always try my best to do sober what I say I will do tipsy.  It seems a shame to let fear hold us back.  Sometimes we get some of the best ideas after a few drinks when we are relaxed and perhaps a bit more open minded.  Although Lissy was having a night off with the girls, the time she spent on the crowns  (before she went to town on the cocktails) didn’t feel like work.  That is the beauty of doing something you are passionate about.

This stunning baby blue number is the ‘Bernie crown’ and is named after her little boy.

Being surrounded by independent and feisty women made me feel so blessed to be living in a time where we have a voice.  We have so many opportunities and it would be a shame to waste them.  Traditional beliefs of woman being weaker may have been phased out (phew) but the amazing music from previous era’s still stands strong.  I have been thinking of a certain song that was produced in the 60’s – some things are timeless.  Some of us may not have had the pleasure of being on this earth then but the music can transport us back there, as can flower crowns #flowersinyourhair.



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