Passion is paying off #mummyjojo

Passion is paying off #mummyjojo

What a week!! It has been fabulous (apart from the nasty people who tried to rob all the houses in our street – thanks for the 2,647 shares of our cctv images folks).


I was delighted to have my blog featured in the Evening News – an article which hits the nail on the head – read it here.  I was also super excited to kick off my lifestyle column in the Press and Journal. I wrote about my passion for the UK to lose the stiff upper lip.

With it being Mental Health Awareness week, a matter very close to my heart, I also wrote about the importance of laughter and embracing moments and why it is essential to share our fears.  I am not writing about all this stuff just for the sake of it. I hand on heart passionately believe that we need to be open to seeing things from a new perspective.  The ultimate goal should be for contentment and finding balance.  If only we could bottle it and sell it.

I have been thinking a lot about the choices we make.  Sometimes we make great choices and other times we don’t and we have to learn from our mistakes.  No matter what our upbringing has been we are all capable of making both amazing and shocking choices. This week I have been thinking about a choice I made last January.  It turns out it was a great one.  I chose one rainy Friday afternoon to go and buy a running jacket.


I signed up for a 10K – a distance which terrified me.  I completed it last May and a year later I have been invited to be the official starter at the same event.  What an incredible honour.  I shall also run my first marathon the same weekend – a distance which, like the 10k last year, terrifies me yet excites me.  To read the words The Edinburgh Marathon Festival posted about my journey made me very emotional.  What a difference a year can make.  Yesterday I celebrated that difference with friends and family.  It was a really special day, topped off with a stunning rainbow.  I also got some hilarious advice from a very dear friend who has just completed her first marathon in an impressive 4 hours and 11 minutes – check it out here.



So this time next week I shall hopefully be slumped on the sofa totally shattered and wearing my marathon medal with pride.  I am looking forward to a bit of rest and relaxation this week – a hot tub by a loch, great food, a few short runs by some stunning mountains and lots of family time.  Thanks for all the support you all continue to give me, I appreciate it more than you will ever know.  Let’s keep talking and supporting. I have said it before and I will say it again – it’s 2016 and times are changing.  It’s time to loosen our upper lips.  Huge love xx






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