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The boys in balaclavas – stealing is not cool kids

The boys in balaclavas – stealing is not cool kids

This week a group of young lads targeted our street and tried to break into our homes.  We now have it all on CCTV.

There is something so wrong about the thought of people trying to break in while our kids were innocently sleeping in their beds.  If you have kids, nephews or nieces I am sure the thought of them being in danger pains you to the core.  How can people live this way?  Is it the thrill?  Watching Patrick Swayze in Point Break gave me a thrill, however I am sure we would rather him in Dirty Dancing where he didn’t steal stuff and was equally as hot.  Are these balaklava dudes just totally desperate for more money?  If that is the case I am sorry they feel so desperate that they would stoop so low.  I am sure they probably find it hard to sleep at night.


I’ll take dancing Jonny cos he wouldn’t steal from me


My neighbours are all good people.  They don’t deserve that.  Nobody knows what really goes on behind closed doors.  Those that steal might think that others have a much easier life.  They might feel bitter.  They might just not care at all.

I  was raised to treat other people the way I would want to be treated myself.  It is the best thing my parents taught me.  Being a decent person and an honest person is worth more than any money can buy.  Sure money helps but I was raised in a family that didn’t have much in the way of material possessions.  I know that flash cars and fancy holidays can feel great but I also know that they don’t bring true happiness.  Neither do unhealthy addictions.  To me a huge factor towards true happiness and contentment comes from living a life that makes others happy.  What these guys were trying to do would have made a lot of people really sad.  Lucky for us we have great CCTV, alarms and security on our street.  It makes me sad for those I know who have not been so lucky.  It pains me to hear of children’s piggy banks with all their savings being snatched.  To steal from a sweet, innocent child is just a completely different level.

So what will I say to my kids when they are older? Stealing is really not cool.  Do something that makes people happy.  Lots of people have tough lives but chose to go on and do good.  You can’t put a price on kindness.  Look out for your family, your friends, your neighbours and colleagues.  Nurture relationships – #MHAW16.  Work with each other, not against each other.  We all make mistakes and do things we regret but there is always a way out.  The best things in life are free.  Be nice.


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